Application Security

Risk Cognizance Application Security: Secure Development Lifecycle is a structured methodology to safeguard applications
using an array of hardware, software, testing, and operational policies. Code Review, Application Penetration Testing, and
Application, Vulnerability Testing.

Application Security Services

Cyber Security Operation Consulting Firm works with your organization to create secure, portable, high-performance applications. Risk Cognizance understands that web applications are necessary, and it is the bloodline that runs your business. However, web applications increase the public attack surface because they are Internet-facing. This can create the gateway cybercriminals need to access your data. We help organizations conform to the latest security standards, including CWE, CERT, OWASP, DISA STIG, MISRA, etc. Risk Cognizance can also validate the source code.


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We focused on securing all critical applications that drive your business. We work with the organization(s) to ensure that the product is secure when it reaches production. The point is that navigating an ever-expanding application footprint can feel overwhelming; CyberSecOP can help you achieve success in your web application security testing program across all of your initiatives.

Application Security Assessment & SDLC

Risk Cognizance helps your teams design, develop and securely manage code and project data, by outline a secure development process, and integration our security testing services to ensure that your applications are fully tested every time a change has been made.


Risk Cognizance security offers assessment and consulting services to businesses all over the world in order to reduce the risk of software vulnerabilities.

Application security (AppSec) encompasses all application-level tasks that introduce development teams to a secure software development life cycle (SDLC).