Our team will create an effective automotive compliance program to comply with NHTSA
based on CMMC, NIST 800-171, and NIST CSF.

NHTSA automotive cybersecurity compliance focuses on strong cybersecurity to ensure these systems work as
intended and is built to mitigate safety risks.

Our cyber security consulting team combines security expertise with deep experience in the
automotive industry and manufacturing.

NHTSA Automotive Cybersecurity Consulting

Vehicle Cybersecurity & Data Management Services

Risk Cognizance Security Services for Automotive helps automotive vendors establish proper security requirements to ensure robustness from the earliest stages of development and operation. The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Trends such as electrification, connectivity, and, eventually, self-driving cars are ushering in this industry’s greatest revolution.

Digital experiences in vehicles are quickly becoming a key differentiator for vehicle manufacturers. Automotive cybersecurity must be integral to new experience design as our journeys become more digitally dependent. Although software is an important part of the industry’s future, it also raises the risk of cyber attacks on vehicles.

Accelerate modern vehicle system and software security by incorporating cybersecurity best practices.


Our security engineers assist automotive manufacturers and suppliers in identifying, categorizing, prioritizing, and remediating cybersecurity vulnerabilities to protect critical vehicle controls and personal consumer data. We provide comprehensive NHTSA security solutions and assist in the resolution of the most difficult security issues, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth.

Risk Cognizance Helps Automotive Stakeholders Navigate The New Mobility Landscape By:

  • Building Talent: We help automotive companies cultivate the industry’s cybersecurity standards, methodologies, expertise, and awareness to improve overall automotive safety.
  • Securing the Product: Our team of automotive security experts will help you create secure product development and software coding regimens to build, operate, and maintain critical hardware and software components.
  • Monitoring threats: We provide automotive cybersecurity solutions in developing robust technology and monitoring capabilities to address security events and responses.
  • Developing Resilience: With deep domain expertise, we aid you in developing security capabilities within the car, its ecosystem, and the supply chain.


Manage risks and vulnerabilities detected in supply chains, comply with regulations, gain relevant market insights, and take action by enhancing security defenses with the market’s most comprehensive automotive cybersecurity service. Risk Cognizance automotive industry’s first line of defense, is the leading cyber risk detection and mitigation solution.

Cyber Risk Services: Automotive Industry

Detect & Identify

Detect known and unknown mobility-specific cyber incidents and threats exposed throughout the surface, deep and dark web to boost product cybersecurity and trust.

Analyze & Assess

Determine your exposure to cyber risks based on your specific product profile and characteristics. Assess your mitigation options based on the attack vector, impact, vulnerabilities, and more.

Mitigate & Comply

Manage and mitigate risks across the supply chain. Comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations, and take action by enhancing security defenses.


You are concerned about the security of your automotive facility and the safety of your employees. You must, however, balance these concerns with cost considerations. Risk Cognizance provides security services to the manufacturing, electronic companies, and automotive industries in order to protect their most valuable assets and maximize their investment.


The modern car presents an ever-increasing target for hackers because of the networking of the vehicle and its automotive infrastructure, the manufacturer’s back end, and the smartphones and tablets of the passengers. Risk Cognizance provides a comprehensive approach to automotive security, from vehicle development through manufacturing and use to decommissioning. You can trust Risk Cognizance to assist with automotive regulatory compliance and standardization bodies such as the United Nations, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), SAE International, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and others.

Regulation Compliance

Providing consulting and support to build automotive cyber regulations compliant policies based on NIST to comply with NHTSA automotive compliance requirements.

Risk Analysis

Assessing the risks related to the introduction of connected functions within the vehicle, The ISO/SAE 21434 standard, as well as the two automotive cybersecurity requirements established by the United Nations WP.29 CSMS and SUMS R155 and R156 regulations, represent a significant advancement in automotive cybersecurity. Risk Cognizance experts in automotive compliance and auto threat intelligence assist mobility stakeholders, particularly automotive OEMs, in meeting regulatory requirements. Risk Cognizance solutions function as a threat assessment framework, cybersecurity risk analysis framework, and cybersecurity management system (CSMS) service.

Security Architecture

Defining secure architectures and specifying cybersecurity measures, automotive security requires a layered cyber secure approach for robust data protection to ensure safely operation of the automobile. First, consider security by design as an engineering effort to mitigate and/or reduce the risk of an ongoing attack. Second, fleetwide visibility and automobile lifecycle risk management are required, which can be accomplished through OTA software updates.

Penetration Testing

Assessing the real security level of architectures, ECUs, and off-board services, our automotive security experts examine hardware, software and IT networks in all areas of the connected cars.

Credential Lifecycle Management

Ensuring end-to-end security for automotive infrastructures thanks to Thales Trusted Key Manager.

Security Operation Centres (SOC)

Ensuring real-time detection and response to potential cyber-attacks thanks to our Security Operation Centres (SOC)

In the early stages of developing automotive software, it is preferable to begin paying attention to important details. Assuring security from the very beginning is referred to as security by design. To stop hacker attacks, it’s important to comprehend how they think. To identify potential security flaws in the architecture and design of the software system, developers should perform a thorough analysis of the automotive security risk.

We would be happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and operation of security solutions for the connected Automobile.