Big Data Consulting & Big Data Managed Services

Risk Cognizance Big Data Security offers a full range of cybersecurity services to ensure your organization data from cybersecurity threats.

Big Data Consulting & Big Data Managed

We offer consulting in every aspect of Big Data Security, from strategic program design to the most technical engineering challenges. Artificial intelligence and blockchain services help accelerate successful innovation using advanced analytics and a simplified big data foundation.

Risk Cognizance Big Data and Data Security Services provides both custom data and analytics-as-a-service offerings to help you gain control of your data environment and start driving actionable solutions. This includes the development of a strategy, blueprints and roadmaps, along with the engineering and operational requirements to help you maximize your data investment.

Comprised of multiple data processing stages, first by applying various information adapters to data sources, the data is captured and stored in Big Data storages. Our Big Data solutions can be customized as per various factors such as budget, information complexity, processing type and technical complexity. Risk Cognizance Big Data Services help both large companies and smaller startups meet their data processing needs. We’re a consulting partner with the top four data intelligence and data security solution providers, and our experts can custom-tailor a solution to unlock your business’s full potential.

Big Data Security Consulting Services

Reliable data security is critical to your organization’s success, our data security consulting services including security engineering, management, assessment, and compliance provided by certified consultants. we offer CISO & DPO level security consultants that deliver executive-level security leaders around the following areas:

  • Data Analysis and Assessments
  • Data Integration
  • Data Mining
  • Data Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Big Data Platform Support

Big Data Architecture Design & Implementation

We have extensive knowledge and best practices on creating and maintaining large-scale production Cloud and On-premise deployments. Big Data security practices will never go out of vogue, and it is in your company’s best interests to implement them as soon as possible to keep all the information safe and secure.

  • Identify your business goals
  • Quantify success factors
  • Map data sources
  • Elect the right ecosystem technologies
  • Big Data Implementation

Comprehensive Big Data Strategy

Leverage our big data consulting services to evaluate your current capabilities and take them further with a strategy to reveal the true value of big data for your business goals. To embrace the variety of big data sources, we integrate systems, data, and processes across your IT ecosystem into a single manageable pane of glass.

Big Data Solutions For Your Business

Empower your organization with deeper insights and enhanced data-driven decision making by using the right infrastructure for the right data. With solutions that integrate, store, manage, and protect your data, you can rapidly deploy Big Data analytics applications or start to develop your own.

  • Big Data Analytics lab spread across multiple locations that focus on product evaluation and performance benchmarking
  • Innovative industry-tailored frameworks to meet unique domain needs
  • Domain specific KPI toolkits for Big Data Tools
  • Business transformation through a mix of performance management and next-generation analytics
  • Big Data Analytics academy that provides assistance to developers and architects as well as data scientists and advanced visualization specialists
  • ‘As-Is and To-Be’ IT landscape assessment
  • Big data strategy, big data maturity roadmap and reference architecture Partnership and alliances with industry leading product vendors
  • Industry solution accelerators and data aggregators

Data security management is the effective oversight and management of an organization’s data to ensure the data is not accessed or corrupted by unauthorized users. A data security management plan includes planning, implementation of the plan, and verification and updating of the plan’s components.