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Talented Cyber Security Consulting executives are difficult to identify, attract and retain. CyberSecOP Security Consulting services can provide all of the benefits of an expert CISO, without the hassle and confusion, and at a lower cost

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Risk/Security Assessments
  • Privacy
  • Cloud Security/DevSecOps
  • Network Security
  • Computer Security

CyberSecOP has been involved in IT consulting and information security consulting for many years, and has a core team of individuals that keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities, exploits, and prevention measures. Whether the security issues are internal, public, server related or software related, CyberSecOP can provide protection, detection, recovery, remediation, and investigation with our security consulting services.

Our security consultants with help you Minimize the Risks to Your Data, Network, and Users

For businesses a security strategy may consist of a firewall and antivirus software. While that may have been adequate several years ago, a good security strategy should be multi-layered. Testing of applications, systems, and ensure systems are not vulnerable, training users on penitential human errors via social engineering attacks such as phishing,

  • Perimeter Defense Security Consulting Service
  • Interior Defense Security Consulting Service
  • Secure Network Design Security Consulting Service
  • Desktop-Lockdowns Security Consulting Service
  • OS and Active Directory Hardening Security Consulting Service
  • Multifactor Authentication Security Consulting Service
  • Penetration Tests Security Consulting Services
  • Ethical Hacker Services Security Consulting Services

Executive Services

  • Information Security Standards and Baselines Security Consulting Services

Procedure Development

Regulatory/Legal Services

  • NY DFS NYCRR PART 500 Gap Analysis and Remediation
  • Graham-Leech-Bliley (GLBA)
  • PCI Compliance
  • Data Breach Notification Laws
  • Date Breach Investigation Security Consulting Services

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