Data Breach Preparation & Response Services

Risk Cognizance recognizes the need for pre-breach & post-breach consultation and remediation services before and after your systems have been breached.

Our strategic solutions, such as data breach notification, escalation services, data breach protection, breach remediation, we have assist businesses of all sized recover from a data breach. Our pre-breach will work closely with your team to implement a proactive approach. This includes creating a comprehensive incident response plan, with information security and governance procedures in mind. We know lack of preparedness increases your cost to recover, which my lead to more downtime and loss of reputation with your clients and vendors.

Our proven and flexible data breach services can reduce breach risks and costs, and offer the affected individuals peace of mind. Our rapid breach response team is trusted by privacy, information security, and compliance professionals to protect their organizations from risks associated with data breaches. Speak with an expert about our Pre-breach & Post-breach services. Contact our Global Incident Response Hotline: 212-459-0802


Pre-breach & post-breach services

Pre-Breach Services

Why is pre-breach so important? pre-breach preparation is important, because it identify gaps that my stop the breach in the first place, this protects organization from Loss of control over data, Identity theft or fraud, Financial loss, reputation loss, and if the breach happen, all actions should be already defined in the organization incident response plan.

  • We assist in the creation of a comprehensive incident response plan

  • Continuous monitoring with our SOC and Managed Detect and Response services

  • Risk assessment to identify gaps in security posture

  • Penetration Testing simulates an attack on your system. This examines your system’s weaknesses and identifies potential damages that may arise as a result of a breach

  • Preparing and supporting communications regarding the breach to regulators, affected individuals, the media, and others, pursuant to applicable law and best practices

  • Identifying and minimizing the risks related to a breach, such as the risk of a lawsuit and implementing litigation holds

Breach simulation based on the following type of breach: Confidentiality breach, Availability breach, and Integrity breach

post-breach services

Why is post beach actions so important? post-breach actions are important, because it focuses on reducing the impact of the breach, the faster you can act can minimized the risk, in some cases up to 90%. This all so reduces the following: Downtime, Loss of control over data, Identity theft or fraud, Financial loss. All actions should be already defined in the organization incident response plan for the incident response team to follow.

  • The moment you discover a breach – every second counts. Our experts help you minimize the impact and recover from the attack, while preventing future incidents.

  • From detection to remediation to security planning – Our MDR combines attack detection and threat hunting with the action necessary to reestablish a secure network

  • Stop the continuing spread of advanced malware and ransomware encryption in an on­going attack.

  • Provide real-time information regarding breach remediation to C-Suite executives and in-house counsel, allowing them to respond and communicate effectively, without delay to partners, regulators and customers

  • Preserve and collect forensic evidence and provide on-site analysis

  • Breach postmortem is a process intended to help you learn from past incidents. It typically involves an analysis or discussion soon after an event has taken place. Streamlining the postmortem process is key to helping your team get the most from their postmortem time investment: spending less time conducting the postmortem, while extracting more effective learned.

Risk Cognizance approach leverages endpoint technology and threat intelligence to pinpoint the cause and source of an attack quickly, significantly decreasing time to remediation.