Breach Remediation & Breach Response Services

we offer several services for both pre-breach and post-breach. Our breach remediation includes Incident Response, Detection & Response, Ransomware Removal, Ransomware Payment, Digital Forensics, and Malware Analyzing.

Breach Remediation & Breach Response Services

Risk Cognizance team of experts helps companies to managed security incidents by providing Breach remediation, Incident Response, and Incident Containment Services.

Our Breach Remediation Services. Accelerate Breach Containment, Mitigation, and Recovery, allowing you to go right back to business, while we continue to watch over your systems. Our team will urgently restore business critical operations. Preserve and collect forensic evidence and provide on-site analysis and postmortem of the incident.

Businesses and organization look to us for the following services: Breach Remediation, Incident Response, Managed Detection & Response, Ransomware Removal, Ransomware Payment, Digital Forensics, and Malware Analyzing.


Everyday cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to defend against.
Our Detection and Remediation tools are designed to monitor your network for unique signatures,
behaviors and anomalies and stop them from occurring.

Breach Remediation & Breach Response Services

Risk Cognizance team of expert breach incident responders, Remediation, and forensic analysts are available 24/7, and leverage experience and knowledge from varying environments across multiple industries.

  • Breach Investigation – Reveal the facts surrounding a data breach and identify an appropriate plan of action for remediation.
  • Breach Remediate and Restore – Remediation services identify intrusions and eliminate security threat/risk by implementing preventive measures and start the recovery process.
  • Breach Digital Forensics – During remediation preserve and collect forensic evidence, and to create a breach postmortem report.
  • External Vulnerability Assessment – Breach remediation evaluate internal & external vulnerability posture
  • CISO On Demand – Get the expertise of a Chief Security Officer anytime on demand.
  • Breach Expert Security Guidance – Assisting your inhouse staff with breach response and remediation experts who have extensive knowledge


A data breach occurs when a cybercriminal successfully infiltrates a system.

All companies, big and small are at risk for data breaches. Business and organization have a legal obligations
in respect to the integrity and confidentiality of customer and employee data.


Risk Cognizance Breach Remediation Services is a next-generation advanced threat detection and remediation platform for small to large enterprise businesses. Risk Cognizance Breach Remediation Services, organizations can proactively hunt for malware to resolve incidents remotely, rather than physically going to each infected computer to remediate or re-image the machine. It is a self-contained platform that easily integrates with existing enterprise security and management tools. Risk Cognizance Breach Remediation Services provides the unique ability to simultaneously detect and remediate malware—greatly reducing the risk of persistent threats.

Emergency Incident Response

  • Remediation Collaborative Analysis
  • Remediation Damage Assessment
  • Remediation Report
  • Deployment
  • Crisis Management
  • Incident Scope Review


Why is pre-breach so important? pre-breach preparation is important, because it identify gaps that my stop the breach in the first place, this protects organization from Loss of control over data, Identity theft or fraud, Financial loss, reputation loss, and if the breach happen, all actions should be already defined in the organization incident response plan.

  • Adopt Best Practices: Providing guidance on how to implement best practices throughout the course of an investigation to enhance your ability to quickly identify and remediate breaches.
  • Accelerate the Remediation of a Breach: Recommending the best course of action to contain and remediate a breach to minimize the impact of the attack.
  • Guidance and Recommendations: Work with you to determine the optimal approach for improving your security program to better align with your security requirements.

A data breach can be devastating, our best-in-class data breach services include Pre-breach and Post-breach services, Breach Remediate, & Restore, Data Breach Protection, Security Breach Consulting Services, and Cyber Breach Response Services.