Business Cyber Security Consultants

Speak with one of our business cyber security consulting about our cybersecurity services and solutions. Our cybersecurity consultants provide services and solutions for continuous security assurance for your business or organizations. IT security is critical to business of all sizes and our cyber security consultants can stop cyber criminals before they can affect your business operations.

Business Cyber Security Consultants

Our cybersecurity consulting team will assist with cybersecurity risk, remediation, and compliance efforts. Cybersecurity challenges are different for every business in every industry.

Risk Cognizance cybersecurity consulting and advisory services assist business and organizations meet their cyber security business objectives by facilitate the development of robust security program.
Let our cybersecurity consultants help you determine if your business’s cybersecurity controls are effective and compliance with current standard and requirements. Our team of business security expert will complete a comprehensive security assessment of your business to identify gaps, risks and threats against your business or organization compliance, standards and cyber security.


With the growth in cyber attacks and data breaches costing business, business owners understand it is critical to have the right cybersecurity team in place. Speak with a cyber security consulting experts today.


In today’s world, where a cyber attack happens every 30 seconds, you need the right cybersecurity team to protect your business, not just one person. Risk Cognizance makes cybersecurity & data protection a business enabler and not the other way around. We work with companies and organizations to understand risk area within their business operations. Our team of business security experts will test and implement best practices and the right solution to ensure business productivity; it is no wonder why most of our clients are in the following business industries: financial, public health, science, and educational institutions, defense, aerospace, and DOD defense contractors.


Cyber Security Consulting provides businesses with a security strategy and a cyber security program to improve their security posture. You can depend on us to provide comprehensive security assessments and implement a customized security program.

  • Business Information Security Assessments to analyze the maturity of your information security program and identify gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Virtual CISO, Provides your business with broad-ranging cyber security consulting expertise needed for incident response, compliance, and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies.
  • Data Governance, Our security and data protection services help your business or organization handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related regulations, controls, and disposition plans.
  • Third Party Risk Management, Comprehensive vendor/third party security assessment services, provide your insight on how your vendors are securing your data from cyber threats.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important To Your Business & Ceos

Based on research, a third of business CEOs were globally surveyed. They identified cyber security as an issue that will cause the most significant impact on their companies today, but only 49 percent say they are prepared for a cyber incident. CEO now understands that a good business strategy is to implement IT security and business resiliency that aligns with their organization’s broader goals, from protecting intellectual property to maximizing productivity to finding new ways to delight customers. The breach can cost your business or organization 1 to 3 months of revenue, client reputation loss, and not to mention your business may face hefty compliance fines, which may be from multiple regulators; this will definitely put a dent in your business bottom line.


We shelter clients from risk and dealing with cyber security threats, with advance
cybersecurity consulting services and solutions


Our business enterprise risk management and cyber risk management allow us to look at the elements of risk analysis and management processes. This allows us to understand how risk affects your businaffects organization by identifying operational and possible cybersecurity risk and mitigation measures. Today, companies face more than 50% more cyberattacks compared to 2 years ago. Cyber attacks now cost businesses $200,000 on average, and cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. Recent trends and cybersecurity statistics reveal a huge increase in hacked and breached data from increasingly common sources in the workplace.

Business Cyber Security Statistics

  • 50% of attacks target medium to large businesses and enterprises
  • 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.
  • Only 14 percent of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks as highly effective.
  • 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.
  • acts of the malicious intent cause 48 percent of data security breaches.
  • 51% Human error or system failure accounts for the rest.


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