Professional Services & Small Businesses risks are increasingly as many organizations quickly transition to a remote working model. leveraging mobile technology and cloud system. Ransomware and security breach are at an all time high. We know most Professional Services & Small Businesses don’t have a big budget. we are here to help!

Security Consulting for Professional Services

Risk Cognizance Professional Services & Small Businesses Security Consulting: Small Business need to automate information integration and governance at the point of data creation and within big data applications. Effective information integration and governance can help protect information and improve the accuracy of big data insights. Small Business data security requires the monitoring, auditing, and protection of enterprise data to help ensure compliance. Small Business data breaches, ransomware attacks, and failed audits can result in financial penalties – in the millions of dollars – and even possible jail time. Small Business need to safeguard diverse data types such as structured and unstructured, online and offline – and do so across complex systems including cloud and big data environments.


With Risk Cognizance Professional Services, you can be sure that the consultation, implementation, and configuration of our solutions are aligned with your security needs and our best practices.

We provide Small Business with an in-depth approach to avoiding security incidents and help Small Business be more prepared for disasters:


  1. Security Governance: define a Security Management System that complies with security strategies, business objectives and the existing regulations

  2. Identify business risks, taking into account the role of your hosting service provider

  3. Determine which security controls are required to mitigate your identified risks

  4. Establish the necessary framework to maintain and continually improve your information security program over time based on evolving scope and emerging risks

  5. Document and track efforts for evidence collection and audit preparation

Our Compliance & Security Consultants can help you understand your compliance requirements, develop security policies, prepare for audits, and remain compliant. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consulting session. Small Business Information Security Consulting help you understand your threat environment and improve your organization’s ability to analyze, prevent and respond risk before and after they affect your organization.