Business Security Consulting Services, moving security in the right direction, with Information & Cyber Security Consulting Services to put your mind at rest, so you can focus on business. Providing your company with services such as threat assessment studies, security awareness training, network penetration, vulnerability testing, threat detection, defense, and incident response.

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Business IT Security Consulting Services

Businesses look to us when they are looking to implement and enterprise level security program, Cyber Security Operations Consulting (Risk is an industry leader for business consulting services. Our staff is comprised of both certified technical and business professionals who have helped all of our clients overcome their enterprise security shortcomings. By addressing gaps, managing & mitigating risks, and allocating resources to secure and protect respective organizations – Risk Cognizance’s robust portfolio of business consulting services are delivered with great confidence.

Risk Cognizance is an industry leader in Cybersecurity and Security Compliance. We possess a longstanding commitment to information security and are uniquely aware of the many challenges facing organizations when it comes to keeping your data safe and meeting the numerous regulations around data protection and privacy. We understand the security concerns that face small to mid-size businesses daily which demand time from vital company resources.


Protect your business with risk management, identity and access management,
data security, threat intelligence and compliance.


Whether you’re looking to establish a formal security strategy, need to satisfy audit/compliance requirements, or identify and address security risks and threats, our consultants can design an integrated security ecosystem that optimizes investment while protecting your key assets.

Risk Cognizance can offer cost-effective, timesaving, and efficient solutions that will increase productivity, security, and compliance with NIST, ISO 27001-2, GDPR, CCPA GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NYDFS, FERPA, FISMA, and others.


Risk Cognizance offers a full suite of Cybersecurity and compliance services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Virtual Information Security Office
  • Security/Compliance Assessments
  • Cyber Security Programs
  • Incident Response (IR)
  • Ransomware Remediation
  • Penetration/Vulnerability Assessment
  • User Awareness Training
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Dark Web Scanning


Business IT consulting services custom solutions for all your business needs, from planning and design to implementation and optimization.


At Risk Cognizance, we provide enterprise level IT security consulting in every aspect of business security matters, including:

In addition to IT security consulting, our offerings include best-of-breed solutions for securing cloud computing, designing and implementing effective enterprise security architecture, mitigating advanced threats, securing the Internet of Things, managing identity and delivering security intelligence.

Our enterprise security consulting and managed security services supporting organizations in all vertical markets and protecting their sensitive data.

Enterprise Framework Development:

OWASP Top-Ten, ISO 27000, and NIST serve as a governing foundation for everything we do along with usage of enterprise security tools giving your business the Risk Cognizance advantage.

Cyber Security consulting provides IT Security compliance and auditing services, for your office’s computer data information network. Cyber Resilient Businesses are able to operate while under persistent threats and sophisticated attacks, enabling them to embrace disruption safely, strengthen customer trust and boost shareholder value.