CCPA Questionnaire

Our simple questionable takes you through a series of questions to assess your compliance with the CCPA. The CCPA questionnaire should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

CCPA Questionnaire


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Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Implementation of CCPA measures will, in some cases, require the appointment of a Data Protection Officer. Organizations will have additional obligations and there will be changes that impact internal accountabilities and contracts. Where there is insufficient need for an internal DPO, some organizations may choose to employ the services of an external Data Protection Officer.

Have your security personnel received training or instruction on the CCPA?

Software alone cannot sufficiently counter all threats to data protection. Security personnel training should cover data processing obligations as well as the identification of breaches and risks.

Have all staff received CCPA awareness training?

Many staff are unaware of their contribution to protecting private information and what is expected of them. The CCPA requires privacy awareness training to be provided to all employees

Have you reviewed and updated your privacy policies?

You will need to review all existing data protection and privacy policies to ensure they comply with the new requirements

Have you assessed all points of data collection to ensure that explicit consent is properly requested in each case?

The CCPA implements more stringent requirements for obtaining consent when collecting data from individuals. Data collection will have to adhere to just-in-time notification of “reason for data collection” and communicating to data subjects “how their data will be processed” and procedures for “further engagement in terms of enhanced privacy rights.

Have you prepared, documented and communicated processes for managing subject data access requests?

Have you re-assessed your suppliers and supplier contracts in relation to the CCPA?

Have you made preparations to detect and report breaches as part of a response plan?

Have you prepared data breach notification procedures for informing data subjects?

Have you prepared for regular compliance audits or reviews to identify and fix issues?

Have you prepared for regular compliance audits or reviews to identify and fix issues?

How can Risk Cognizance assist you?