Risk Cognizance Compromise Assessment and Threat Hunting services provide a comprehensive review of your organization’s infrastructure, systems, and applications. Our compromise assessment is just one offering from our IR Services team. We help you answer the question. Is my network already compromised by a sophisticated attacker, malware, or internal attack

Compromise Assessment | Identify Threat Actors

Compromise Assessment Is Tailored To Identify & Remote Threat Actors

Our Compromise Assessment services help businesses meet objectives with speed, scale, and efficiency while identifying evidence of ongoing or past attacker activity in your environment. Identity and eradicating compromises are key to managing risk during an incident; the Risk Cognizance Compromise Assessment team will deploy endpoint and network sensors to monitor high-risk networks, systems, and applications for compromise activity with industry-leading technologies.


Our cyber threat hunting team engages with your key stakeholders to create or mature security programs and analysis and understand threats threatening your organization. We apply our threat intelligence to the relevant threat actors and probable threat scenarios to your organization. The service can also enable your organization to develop or mature its threat intelligence program, enhance your security operations and help you define an organization-specific cyber threat landscape tailored to your unique business environment.

Cyber Security Compromise Assessment

Our compromise assessment services assist companies in achieving goals quickly, broadly, and effectively while spotting signs of recent or ongoing attacker activity in your environment.


Targeted Threat Hunting and Compromise Assessment service is a comprehensive and intensive investigation of your environment to identify indications of attacker presence. Our team implements a to discover and identify Indicators of Compromise (IoC). Indicators of Compromise (IoC) is a significant component of the responsibilities of our Threat Hunting Team. Indicators of Compromise are unique data artifacts or signatures that correlate strongly with the existence of a security threat or a network intrusion that should be addressed.

Compromise Assessment Services Benefits:

Cyber Compromise Assessment is an essential exercise to proactively investigate potential compromises, detect advanced threats, and improve cyber defenses.

  • Determines if a sophisticated attacker has compromised your environment

  • Increases your confidence in system integrity and data confidentiality

  • Helps you understand the impact of any discovered breach

  • Provides recommendations on security architecture, instrumentation, and controls to make your environment more resilient

  • Provides actionable guidance on the following steps to respond to and eradicate the threat, offering seamless integration with Incident Response

  • Monitoring the network for indicators of compromise and anomalous activity.

  • Identifying malicious activity observed on the network

    • Zero-day exploit, exploit kit, vulnerabilities, and fallouts

  • Isolating endpoints to prevent lateral movement and malicious communications

  • Advising on the removal of damaging materials left by attacks/attackers


Compromise Assessment is the discovery of malicious artifacts, activity, or detection methods not accounted for in passive monitoring capabilities. Essentially, threat hunting is identifying unknown threats that otherwise would be hiding in your network and on your endpoints, stealing sensitive data.

  • Compromise Assessment Methodology

  • Threat Hunting Assessments

  • Compromise Assessment

  • Advanced Threat Hunting

  • Incident Response

  • Forensics/Investigation

  • Phishing/Social Engineering

  • Secure Coding

  •  Pen Testing/Red Teaming

  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recover

  • Host-based threat artifacts

  • Network-based threat artifacts

  • Authentication based threat artifacts

  • Threat intelligence

  • Security Operations Center


Cyber Compromise Assessment security analysts will leverage deep knowledge and experience to analyze your security data and systems, known attack patterns, especially those unique to your industry, currently common exploits and vulnerabilities, and your high-value assets to formulate a hypothesis for their hunt.



Compromise assessment is a cyber risk assessment that detects threats lurking in a company’s network. First, cybersecurity experts look for signs of compromise. The findings that were risk-prioritized are then thoroughly investigated. These findings are shared in a report, which also identifies ways to reduce the attack surface.

Data exfiltration and sabotage, command and control activities, user authentication anomalies, malware persistence mechanisms, and vulnerable network host and application configurations are all examples of compromise. Compromise evaluation is a component of cyber incident response.


Our Compromise Assessments detect, analyze, and respond to any breach, whether or not you suspect one. Your Compromise Assessment is carried out by a team of senior incident responders who use manual and automated methods to perform advanced threat hunting every day of the engagement. We look beyond technical elements to assess business impact and prioritize cyber initiatives based on maturity, threats, risks, investments, and other factors. Your results are immediate, and they include an assessment of your cyber resilience maturity as well as a strategic 24-month roadmap for your IR program.