Risk Cognizance Computer Emergency Response Team is a 24/7, 365-day operation with both daytime and nighttime. Risk Cognizance Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), also known as Emergency Response Team (ERT), responds to your organization’s cybersecurity incidents.

Emergency Incident Response | Managed Incident Response

Computer Emergency Response Team Services

Specialized Emergency Response Team (ERT), also known as a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), is offered by Risk Cognizance. This team will work with your company by providing information security professionals in charge of preventing, identifying, and responding to cybersecurity problems. In addition to identifying cyber threats, our Computer Emergency Response Team will concentrate on addressing cyber events like data breaches and denial-of-service assaults as well as distributing alerts and incident response instructions. Additionally, Risk Cognizance CERTs engage in continuing research and awareness initiatives to enhance security systems. Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Breach Incident Response services call us at 212-459-0802.

Our emergency incident response and remediation services identify intrusions and eliminate security breaches. With Risk Cognizance incident response services, you gain experts who can help reduce incident response time, minimize breach impact, and help you recover faster.


Our expert team finds and eliminates security threats quickly: Investigation, Remediation Plus Protection From Future Attacks


We have received some of the most exemplary honors in our field, whether for our innovative methods or our commitment to helping our clients.

Threats to your organization are possible with the development of new capabilities and solutions. Your security operations are strengthened by Risk Cognizance’s Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services, enabling you to respond and react to intrusions fast.

In order to give you a consistent method for responding to the onslaught of assaults, our team of security specialists brings best practices, consistent processes, and cutting-edge solutions to your incident response approach.

To improve its incident reaction management capabilities and reduce possible losses, businesses turned to us. For Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Breach Incident Response services, call us at 212-459-0802. to be connected to emergency incident response professionals technically trained in rapid response and digital forensics. A national network of first responders, technical support, and service centers to support your needs.

Cybersecurity Emergency Services

  • 24/7 to emergency incident response staffing and data reporting

  • On-site emergency incident response support

  • Rapid containment results in supporting tactical decisions

  • Quality data at all times to ensure defensibility; litigation support

  • Automated, online, easy-to-use data management tools

Computer Emergency Response Team Service Mission

The Cybersecurity Incident Response team keeps the community and data safe from cyber-attacks via intercepting, investigating, and resolving cyber threats that compromise data integrity.

Experts from the Risk Cognizance Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) evaluate, record, and react to a cyber incident to help a network not only recover swiftly but also prevent similar incidents in the future. To assist organizations at all levels of government and the business sector in significantly improving through the creation and use of superior approaches to incident response and organizational learning, Risk Cognizance funds an internal CSIRT initiative.

Our Managed Incident Response Services is not only to perform root cause analysis to identify why an incident occurred. Rather, the focus is on doing whatever is necessary to restore your service to a secure normal state. When your organization is under a cyber attack, a rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimizing the threat and safeguarding your critical systems and data. Time compounds the problem, and any delay or inefficiency will only increase the damage and losses from a security breach.

Risk Cognizance IR has broad experience supporting organizations that need assistance with coordinating response and recovery from a wide range of incident types. Risk Cognizance experts have investigated hundreds of ransomware cases across diverse sectors. Get discounted rates on unrivaled digital forensics and Incident response solutions.