Do You Know If your Computer Networks Are Secure From Cyber criminals?

We offer a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes to protect your entire network and safeguard your perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers, and partners. Our offering including: Computer Security Services, Network Security Protection, Cyber Security Assessment and others.

Network Security & Computer Security Services

While computer security threats are always evolving, fortunately there are also great new tools for defending your computer systems, and your companies valuable data. As with other kinds of malicious threats, most computer viruses and hackers attack the vulnerable. Unprotected computers and networks are most vulnerable because they are easiest to infiltrate. With Risk Cognizance looking after your security, you can be sure your systems are protected.

Network Security And Compliance

Some organization are in regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare, and energy, must maintain and document their compliance with various government regulations. Risk Cognizance ends compliance headache, by confronting threats affecting your business are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Our consultants are skilled at analyzing your current security status to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement. Our concrete recommendations for accepting, reducing or transferring risk will also ensure long term profitability of your organization. Our goals are to identify the risks and vulnerabilities that can have a severe impact on your corporation and to ensure regulatory and/or standards compliance.



No business is immune to security threats. Our mission is to assess your company’s risk and threat levels, and then develop a comprehensive counter measure and prevention plan to protect your assets.


Identifies and examines network vulnerabilities for both internal and external (Internet facing) systems to determine whether they can be exploited by an attacker to compromise systems or gain access to sensitive information.


We perform a manual assessment of your web application, testing for SQL injections and OWASP vulnerabilities, as well as checking folders, debug code, leftover source code, and resource files to find sensitive information which hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your application.


Network penetration testing will simulate an attack from a hacker’s perspective, allowing us to identify critical flaws in your network that could potentially leave sensitive data open to attacks.


Our team of expert forensic analysts are capable of assessing websites, servers, digital media and computer systems. We can provide remote or on-site services tailored to St. Louis business specifications or legal compliance requirements.


When a security compromise occurs, businesses need solutions fast. Our Computer Security Incident Response team is available 24/7 to discretely identify points of exposure, eliminate risks and resume business operations as quickly as possible.

Managed Computer and Network Service packages leverage our expertise and experience for the growth of your business. From computers and servers to patching and cybersecurity consulting, Managed Security Services from Cyber Security Operation Consulting ensures that your assets are protected and always operates at its peak. with our proactive 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, it’s at its most protected, so you can focus on growth.