Risk Cognizance your Computer Security Services & Cybersecurity Services Partner: Protect Your technology assets from cyber criminals who can’t wait to compromise your systems, and put your business at risk.

Cybersecurity Services. Transform your business and manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security service.

Computer & Cybersecurity Services

Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Protection

Risk Cognizance security provides next-generation cybersecurity consulting services to help your organization build cyber resilience from the inside out. Our Computer & Cybersecurity services is multi-layered protection from cyber attacks for all of your networks, devices, and programs. Our security team will turn your business into a security vault by applying solid security architecture with our computer managed security services. As a Cybersecurity as a Service provider, we are responsible for managing your data’s security ensure your computer system security.

With the advancement in the standards of technology, the risks of more and more security breaches and hacks are rising. You can hire us to deal with these issues; we will offer you the expertly proven and fully protected cybersecurity services.


Risk Cognizance utilize threat intelligence services, or cyber threat intelligence information to prepare, prevent, and identify cyber threats looking to take advantage of valuable resources. Our managed threat intelligence services provide deep insight into the context security engineers need to properly protect valuable assets and systems. That means knowing which specific threats are targeting your industry, who is behind them, what their motivations are, and what kinds of systems they’re exploiting.


Managed proactive vulnerability scans, test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities to protect your data and your business. Risk Cognizance managed vulnerability management service provide ongoing management of vulnerabilities and a vulnerability management expert testing all external attack surfaces and users.


The Risk Cognizance Effective Incident Response Consulting team is available to assist when suspected unauthorized, illegal, or malicious activities are detected. Our skilled specialists are available to respond to incidents across multiple locations. Risk Cognizance Consulting has worked with Fortune 500 companies on credit card breaches, malware outbreaks, and internal investigations for many years.


Computer System Management Services

Risk Cognizance Computer Systems Management provide a comprehensive managed compliances and managed IT services. Our managed security team integrate into your organization and become and extension of your security team to optimizing your security defence with our managed security services and managed detection which provides 24/7 network, cloud, and application monitoring.


Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. This is unlike traditional MSSPs who only provide alerts from security monitoring.

Cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication every day. Traditionally, Cyber defense has been at a disadvantage- attackers needed to succeed just once while defenders had to protect a large, ever-expanding attack surface 24×7. No amount of people can mine through all your security and IT data to detect modern threats, and respond quickly to contain attacks.

The Risk Cognizance Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is built on the power of AI, big data analytics, and high-performance computing to bring you multi-vector threat detection and full-service response at remarkable speeds.

Schedule A 15 Minute Computer Consultation

  • Take 15-30 minutes to talk to Risk Cognizance about your 24/7 computer support questions

  • We will ask you about your business objectives and IT challenges

  • You’ll receive our best recommendation on steps to work with your IT provider to move your IT support solutions forward

  • Full IT security support for small and medium businesses – We deliver both remote and on-site support all across USA.

  • Proactive IT security support services – Our staff has the necessary experience and knowledge to eliminate IT related threats before they become problems.

  • Dedicated IT solutions – We analyze your needs and provide you with a customized solution: fast and reliable.


With the growing number of laptops, desktops and remote workers, sophisticated cybercriminals have even more open doors to your organization. From these entry points, they can often proceed deep and unnoticed into your devices and systems. You need threat prevention with advanced threat intelligence to help you proactively identify and investigate threats around the clock. The is where our MDR and cybersecurity services protect your organization.


Our experienced computer security consultants perform a comprehensive security audit, cybersecurity assessment, or network assessment to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your on premise and cloud infrastructure. We offer data security consulting in every aspect of cyber security, from strategic program design, testing, to technical engineering. Our team of cyber security consultants are certified hackers.