Cyber Defense Operations & Security Cyber Defense Services: Our security operations center (SOC) Services facilitates ongoing monitoring of information security systems. Advanced Attack, Readiness Operations, Cyber Operations & Resilience, Application & System Assessment, and Security Advisory Services.

Cyber Defense Operations & Security Cyber Defense

Risk Cognizance provides superior Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) Services offering 24×7 security operations center support. Our CDOC as a Service team will assist with cybersecurity monitoring, risk remediation, and compliance efforts. With new attacks are constantly being unleashed into the wild, organizations need to have insight of their threats and risk which may adversely affect their organization.

Managed Endpoint Security And SOC As A Service

Our Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) as a Service brings together world-class cybersecurity specialists and data scientists in a 24×7 facility to combat threats in real-time, reducing the time to detect and respond to threats targeting your employees and endpoints. Our managed endpoint security services combine advanced detection, forensics, and 24×7 monitoring by our SOC as a Service security analysts for expanded endpoint protection.


Our Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) and Enterprise Mobility Suite aid in protecting user, data and system protection.


Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) Services offering for organizations that are looking to understand and reduce their exposure to the risks posed by today’s targeted attacks from determined human adversaries and sophisticated criminal organizations.

The 24/7 Cyber Defense Operating Center (CDOC) tenant improvement presented an aggressive design and construction schedule, high-end finishes, structural modifications and technical detailing. The new CDOC, which defends our client environment from fraud, abuse and malicious activity, features an open environment that promotes a shared experience of speed, collaboration and efficiency.

SOC As A Service Features And Benefits

  • Expert security monitoring, compliance assurance

  • Unmatched monitoring, detects and responds to threats

  • Cloud base SOC & SIEM with no hardware cost

  • Threat Intelligence: Our SOC as a Service provide real time update from over 3 sources

  • Security Platform: Our SOC as a Service uses the best in class encryption and is based on ISO methodologies

  • Expert Defenders: Using a combination of data analytics, machine learning, and deep security expertise, the SOC analyzes and raises alerts and incidents for our customers


Our cyber defense operations employ automated software, machine learning, behavioral analysis, and forensics to create an intelligent security graph. This threat intelligence insight helps our team connect the dots, then counter with effective containment and coordinated remediation.


Does your organizational structure align with your organization’s overall business goals and mission statement?


Do you have processes in place to promote effective information sharing between internal and external entities?


Are technologies and processes in place to let you see what is happening on your systems and networks?


Does your threat intelligence inform and enhance security planning, vulnerability management, and incident response activities?


Do your incident response metrics align with overall business goals and objectives while driving continuous improvement within the security organization?


Threat Management

Fight cybercrime with our threat intelligence, detection, protection and remediation services

Vulnerability Management

Proactively scan, test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities to protect your data

Compliance Management

Identify and deploy security best practices and reduce risk with our multi-compliance framework, which includes our soc as a service.


SOC as a Service manages and monitors your logs, devices, network and assets for internal IT teams. It provides advance technology to combat cyber security threats.

  • 24×7 Continuous Monitoring

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Incident Management

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Detection and Response service (MDR) provides 24/7 cyber protection so your organization can focus on other priorities. You don’t have to do it alone. Get support from our Active Threat Analytics team. Our state-of-the-art global security operations centers (SOCs) offer 24-hour Managed Detection and Response services. We’ll help you identify and mitigate threats before they affect your business.