Cybersecurity Program Management

Information Security Consulting, & Cyber Security Program Management Services, we take your security to the next level, by introducing policies and controls.

A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity Program Management, assess your organization's cybersecurity maturity and design an effective cybersecurity management framework.

Cybersecurity Program Management

We understand your security challenges.

Our Cyber Security Program Management and Strategy advisement is focused on helping organization with a customized methodology refined over thousands of global engagements to help analyze an organization’s current security maturity levels and road map according to their unique environment and industry. This comprehensive methodology includes detailed phases to help organizations on their cyber security strategy development journey such as:

Cybersecurity Program Management

  • Gathering information to understand the perception of security maturity levels, how security engages with the business, the organization’s strategy overall and the business direction
  • Analyzing the current state of cybersecurity maturity
  • Defining a security capability maturity target, with both business and security staff, to define exactly where they need to set their security benchmark
  • Developing a road map against the target


Our Security Program Management applies to all businesses and your business can benefit from an objective assessment of their information security programs and structures. Risk Cognizance Cyber Program Management (CPM) framework is built upon information garather during the assessment and gap analysis. We will work with you to create a customized Cyber Program Management to ensure information security and understand the overall risk management structure.

Board Of Directors On Cyber Security Program Management

Board of directors are pressuring CISOs, and CTOs to align cybersecurity programs to business, reduce risk, and report to the board on the security program development and investment impact. We utilize a six step methodology to get your organization to a compliance state: security assessment, Streamlined Project Execution, Strategic Alignment, Optimized Resource Allocation, Continuous Improvement, and Problem Resolution and Risk Management.

Board Level Staff Security Program Management

Risk Cognizance will working with you, like we have done for so many other organization, by providing staff with executive and board level experience to provide remediation and guidance to get the board of your back and ensure your organization is secure. Our security management program will get your security program going from 0 to 90% in a matter of months.


We put a sharp focus on your business structure, culture and risks. While implementing better safeguard to protect your organization critical data. The core of our secure program and risk management fundamental transformation in how information security is understood within the business. Creating a security program around intelligence on threats and also business risks will support resilience in a constantly shifting landscape of risk.