Cybersecurity Risk Management Services

Our IT and Cyber Security outsourcing helping companies and organizations to address their information security and technology needs, as a cyber security firm our prime focus is to reduce cyber risk through cyber consulting, services, and security product expertise. Risk Cognizance is one of top fastest growing cybersecurity companies providing the following cybersecurity services and solutions.

Cybersecurity Solutions & Services

Cyber Security Program, Compliance Program, Vulnerability ManagementvCISO, Security Design, Incident Response, Engineering, Identity Management, Dark Web Monitoring, Ransomware Negotiation & Payments, and Risk Management Services.


The BENEFITs of using a Cyber Security Company

Our CyberSecurity Program & Vulnerability Consulting Services brings many of the world’s top security professionals together for one reason: to keep you safe. Incorporating subject matter experts from virtually every sector, we have a proven track record of success in reducing hazards and mitigating risk. 

Cyber Security Consultants with EXPERIENCE from multiple industry

Our cyber security program & vulnerability consultants will assist your organization with our unparalleled range of security services in the following areas Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Marketing & Technology industries. Our team of cyber security consultants provided their professional feedback on the strength of your company’s technology and security. The team will collaborate with your company’s, and each organization business unit management team effectiveness and ability to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats, among other attributes.

We are one of the fastest growing cyber security firm, because of the ever-evolving regulations concerning security and data privacy. Cybersecurity and privacy compliance solutions has been driving a rapid growth at the company.

Cybersecurity Consulting and Risk Management Services

NSmall Business Security Consulting

Enterprise Information Security

Financial Cyber Security

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Computer Security

CyberSecurity Solutions

Cyber Security Operations

Compliance Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Breach Incident Management

Managed Detection & Response

Ransomware Incident Response

Your Company’s Credentials at Risk on the Dark Web?

All organizations are prone to cyber attacks, with the potential to damage not only your data and records, but also your reputation. Our cyber risk assessment enable organizations to identify gaps in their cyber security posture, as well as develop strategies for dealing with the gaps identified. We provide our clients with a clear strategic path when it comes to investing resources into cybersecurity countermeasures and risk eradication, and provide ongoing leadership to address cybersecurity threats moving forward.

Companies faces data privacy laws and cybersecurity obligations

  • Companies faceoff with EU rights for EU citizens to take legal redress over data privacy infringements is enshrined in Articles 77-82 of the GDPR.

  • US’s business now have to deal with California’s CCPA is the most notable piece of US legislation handling digital privacy rights to date. Inspired by GDPR.

  • Companies need to be in compliance with Illinois Data Transparency and Privacy Act (HB 3358). aking initiatives to protect residents’ privacy is nothing new for Illinois – the state passed the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) in 2009 and will move forward in implementing this comprehensive CCPA look-alike in the near future.

  • Businesses and organizations in Massachusetts now have to also implement Massachusetts Consumer Privacy Bill (S.120) January 1, 2023 .

  • New York Privacy Act (S5642): New York has enough potential privacy lawsuits to scare any company without the right team, he law shares many similarities with the CCPA but has features that make it significantly stricter.

  • Nevada Chapter 603A Security and Privacy of Personal Information and SB 220, require all companies to secure information maintained, and data collected for businesses and individuals.

Cybersecurity Problems and Solutions Companies Face

Companies are faces with cyberattacks, many of these attacks targeted small and medium size businesses that don’t have the tools or strategies in place to defend themselves. Risk Cognizance help companies reduce risk and threat to internal and external misused of data, allowing companies to restrict access to sensitive data in the first place. Our strategies can greatly reduce the impact of human error on cybersecurity measures.

Companies face an uncertain future in fighting cyber threats to their systems, and it’s going to cost them.

Companies and government Cybersecurity spending

Cybersecurity spending, mostly by companies and governments, is forecast to grow about 9% a year from 2021 to 2024, when it is projected to hit $207 billion, according to one measure from research firm Gartner Inc., which updated its estimates in July.

Though growth is projected at only 5% in 2020, reflecting disruption from the pandemic, the longer-term rate is high, considering that many companies have already invested into technology that doesn’t offer the protection they will need against new threats, and the increasing cost for cybersecurity workers. Our reports has report showed that key cybersecurity steps like implement cybersecurity program, incident response team and plan formation, encryption, employee training and cyber insurance all helped to reduce the cost of a breach and over financial risk to your company for organization.

Risk Cognizance managed security services (MSS) lower Costs

Cost savings: Costs for managed security services (MSS) are generally lower than hiring in-house full-time experts, as a MSSP we are able to spread our investment in infrastructure and people across hundreds and thousands of clients. This allow small and medium size business to afford the same technology has large enterprises.