Cyber Security Operations & Security Operation Center

Cybersecurity Operations Service (COS) is a service offering for organizations that are looking to understand and reduce their exposure to the risks posed by today’s attackers.

Cyber Security Operations & Security Operations

Cyber Security Operations Center

Now, more than ever, cyber attacks pose a serious threat to the existence of a safe computing environment. Organizations face rising cybersecurity costs and an extreme shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals, as a result. Risk Cognizance aims to build a future generation of cyber warriors and develop novel methods for defense, offense and detection.

Our proactive, discreet service that involves a global team of highly specialized resources providing remote analysis for a fixed-fee. This service is, in effect, a proactive approach to identifying emergencies before they occur. Our superior Security Operations Center (SOC) Services is an 24×7 security operations center.

Risk Cognizance Detection and Response Team, the same team of individuals who respond to cybersecurity incident response situations globally. This robust security assessment is comprised of forensic analysis, reverse engineering, tailored cyber threat intelligence, and proprietary scanners suitable for high-value servers and endpoints. With Cyber Operations Services (COS), the Detection and Response Team will provide strategic guidance and recommendations to harden your environment against advanced and persistent threats. .

Reduce the time to detect and respond to threats targeting your employees and endpoints. Our Cyber Security Operations combine advanced detection, forensics, and 24×7 monitoring by our security analysts for expanded endpoint protection.

Cyber Security Operations With Risk Cognizance

Our cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) has everything it needs to mount a competent defense of the ever-changing information technology (IT) enterprise. This includes a vast array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies, a virtual sea of cyber intelligence reporting, and access to a rapidly expanding workforce of talented IT professionals. Yet, most CSOCs continue to fall short, We use the same cyber security operations center that we provide to our clients, every time we streamline our operational process, we do the same for all our client.


Threat Management

Fight cybercrime with our threat intelligence, detection, protection and remediation services

Vulnerability Management

Proactively scan, test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities to protect your data

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