Risk Cognizance Cyber Security Consultation Services provide clients with peace of mind about their organizations’ ability to securely maintain operations before, during and after an incident. We provides comprehensive computer security and cyber security consulting services.

Cyber Security Consultation Services

Risk Cognizance cybersecurity consultants can help guide your journey to cyber resiliency. Our team of consultants assist organizations with cybersecurity consulting services for security program development, enterprise risk management, controls & compliance, and security testing. Risk Cognizance provide modernized services to deal with today cyber risk and resilience challenges, by introducing policies and controls. Transforming risks by delivering an holistic mature cyber security program. Our VCISO security program team has developed and implemented comprehensive information security programs in every sector.

Our next-generation cybersecurity consulting services will help your organization build cyber resilience from the inside out by implement a enterprise security program powered by our security consulting services and next security solutions.

Our enterprise security program will planning and design, security architecture assessment, implementation and service delivery, advanced analytics and security program guidance. Defining the program target state and laying out concrete steps to reach maturity.

Our security program include: Cyber Security Risk Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Employee Security Training Awareness, Data Privacy Program, Security Program Development, Business Continuity Plan, Incident Response and Forensics Services.


Risk Cognizance’s security consulting is a full-service security consulting and design firm. Our diverse experience allows us to implement successful security strategies.


Advisory Security Consulting Services

  • Advisory services include security and risk assessments tailored to each client’s specific needs and industry context, counsel on best practices in policies and procedures, program development and regulatory compliance readiness.
  • Offensive security includes vulnerability assessments, and internal and external penetration testing of networks and applications. Unlike “defensive security,” such as updating software patches, offensive security takes an active approach to protecting computer systems and networks, simulating attacks to identify weaknesses before hackers can find them.
  • Virtual chief information security officers (CISOs) who provide their time and insights, on a fractional basis, help clients navigate information security needs and requirements. CISOs improve overall security posture while signaling commitment to reducing cyber risk. They are particularly useful for organizations without the time or budgets to identify, recruit and retain first-rate senior information security talent.

We tailor all of our services to each organization’s unique needs including its in-house capabilities and regulatory requirements. Many IT departments lack the up-to-date tools and expert insights they need to recognize gaps in their own defenses and systematically address their security needs. That’s where Risk Cognizance comes in.

Risk Compliance & IT Security Consulting Approach

  • Gathering information to understand the perception of security maturity levels, how security engages with the business, the organization’s strategy overall and the business direction
  • Analyzing the current state of cybersecurity maturity
  • Defining a security capability maturity target, with both business and security staff, to define exactly where they need to set their security benchmark
  • Developing a road map against the target

Information Security Consulting Services

Security Program Governance

Build Your Strategy First for your Program: Your security program strategy represents the overall direction for security in your organization. As a result, it needs to be built before any of the other components of your security program.

  • Security Program Development Tool
  • Security Program Development Considerations
  • Security Program Metrics
  • Regulatory Review