Data Privacy Compliance & Data Privacy Services 


We provide Comprehensive affordable Global Data Privacy services and data protection support including assessments, compliance implementation, data protection management and DPO services.

Data Protection and Data Privacy services help organizations reports gather evidence that can be used to confirm and validate your compliance efforts and, when combined with compliance testing services, includes fully data mapped specialized to your compliance landscape backed by our experienced Data protection and Data Privacy compliance personnels.


Data Protection and Privacy Program

Discovers data

Assesses current data environment and completes the data discovery process through data analysis using our Data Protection and Data Privacy

Classifies data

Organizes data by relevant categories so that it may be used and protected more efficiently. using our Data protection, Data Privacy, DLP and CASB Solutions

Establishes data security strategy

Assesses and scores current data security processes by performing gap analysis and developing risk mitigation roadmap. using our Data Protection, Data Privacy and Data Security Solutions

Protects data

Plans, designs and implements critical data security solutions including data loss prevention, encryption and cryptographic services. By using our Data protection, Data Privacy, DLP and CASB Solutions

Monitors data

Determines governance process and metrics to enable monitoring, communications and response by using our Data Security, Data Protection, Data Privacy and 24/7 Security Operation Center

Critical Data Protection Program

  1. Assess the risks. Do an assessment of the risks. Identify the vulnerabilities and what needs to be done to better protect against them. A data inventory should be done so the firm knows the various types of data that it is maintaining.

  2. Assign responsibility. Someone at the firm should be responsible for handling privacy issues. There should be a person responsible for data security. Every collection of data should have a person responsible for it (called a “data steward”). Everyone at the firm should know whom to call with any questions about privacy or security.

  3. Develop policies and procedures. Develop or improve policies and procedures for how various types of data are to be handled and protected. What are the policies regarding placing data on portable devices? Employee access to data? Encryption? BYOD? Social media use? How is any PHI identified and handled?

  4. Implement workforce security awareness training. Develop an annual security training program to ensure that everyone knows how to handle and protect data properly, the importance of privacy and security, and whom to call if there are any questions or concerns. “Security awareness is essential to effective security. There cannot be effective security if users are not trained or do not understand the issues and the applicable security policies.”

  5. Develop an incident response plan. Develop a plan for responding to privacy and security incidents. This plan involves how to handle the investigation, who is responsible for which tasks, what laws and regulatory requirements need to be followed, what third party vendors are best to hire to help with certain tasks (forensic investigations, breach notification, etc.). The plan should also involve how to handle PR. Time will be very scare during an incident; it is best to be ready in advance rather than scrambling frantically after a breach. There should also be a plan for how to handle clients whose data is implicated.

  6. Look into cyber insurance. Law firms should look into insuring against the risks and understand what things are covered and what things are not covered by various policies.

Our data privacy and security services are designed to protect critical business data from undesired access and misuse, unauthorized access, and secure a large volume of files from deletion, viruses, and theft. Risk Cognizance data privacy and data protection assist businesses with data protection through steps including policies, procedures, standard, authorization, authentication, authorization, encryption, monitoring, and password management. Our focus is on data privacy, data protection and data security include data masking and data erasure. We all data backup and business continuity planning services in the event of a loss or file corruption (Such as Ransomware). Speak to our team of Data Security, Data Protection, Data Privacy and 24/7 Security Operation Center today.