Cyber Security Assessment & IT Security Risk Assessment Services team can help your organization understand its current cyber weaknesses. Our highly skilled cybersecurity assessment & IT security risk assessment team has the expertise and toolset to identify, evaluate, minimize, and eradicate information and physical security threats.

Cyber Security Assessment Services

In-Depth Cyber Security Assessments Reduce Risk

Our cyber security assessment services will provide a comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment to ensure your organization’s security. Our multidisciplinary approach looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks from data and the physical environment. the human element. to the role of technology.

Our cybersecurity assessment & IT security risk assessment services analyze and redress the causes and risk factors of known security gaps in a company’s technology infrastructures and employee training. This process is essential in maintaining an effective cyber security plan.

Adequate security starts with a clear understanding of your risk and vulnerabilities. Putting cyber security measures in place without the knowledge or testing their efficacy immediately undermines the strength of your security. Risk Cognizance cyber security assessment services will complete a technology security assessment, environmental, and human assessment. Our cyber security assessment services include Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Configuration Testing & Writing Information Security Assessment.


We provide all the services you need to be secure and compliant : Managed compliance, cyber security assessment, incident response , transformation, security operation center, managed detection and response and training services.

Why is cyber security assessment critical

Risk Cognizance understands organizations are different, so the decision as to what kind of risk assessment should be performed depends mainly on the specific organization and its potential risk. If it is determined that all the organization needs at this time are general prioritization, a simplified security assessment approach to an enterprise security risk assessment can be taken and even if it has already been determined that a more in-depth security assessment must be completed, the simplified approach can be a helpful first step in generating an overview to guide decision making in pursuit of that more in-depth assessment.

Benefit of Cybersecurity assessment services

With Risk Cognizance cyber security assessment services, you can find the weak spots in your critical assets and take corrective action before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data.

  • Cyber security assessment and analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Breach and compromise assessments
  • Wireless security assessments
  • Policy and procedure review and design
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Transportation Systems Security Assessment
  • Smart Technologies and IoT Security Assessment
  • ICS Security Assessment
  • Payment Systems Security Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing


What Does Cyber Security Assessment Encompass?

We assess your Business’ core competencies and goals – The goods and/or services that your business offers impact your level of risk for a cyber security breach.

How To Ensure Security Compliance With Cybersecurity Assessment?

We assess your Policies – The policies and procedures for your business must align with your business goals, or they could cause conflict and confusion, which lead to security gaps that attackers could exploit.

What Are The Benefits Of IT Security Risk Assessment?

We assess your Technology – Security Program Assessment, Penetration Testing, Industrial Controls Health check, Active Directory Security Assessment, Cloud Assessments, Cyber Insurance, Risk Assessment Mergers, and Acquisitions Risk Assessment.

What Is Technical Security Controls Testing?

Risk Cognizance Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment engagement give your organization a road map based on a holistic approach to decision making. Security assessment provides insight into assets, business processes, and technologies to harness the most significant risk or threats to your business.


Identifies vulnerabilities, Security plan, Document security, Identify areas to educate employees, and reduce the risk of a successful attack

Cyber Security Assessment Services Overview


Risk Cognizance IT security risk assessment services provide an in-depth insight into your cyber security risks and threats. Our cyber security assessment and compliance services help your business make the best decisions regarding capital, resource, and regulatory compliance costs for both current and future information assets.

Strategic Cyber Security Assessment & Security Compliance Services

  • Business process mapping
  • Information classification policy assessment
  • Data protection & retention strategy assessment
  • Incident response process assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Training & development plan assessment
  • Written information security assessment
  • Business continuity strategy assessment
  • HR processes assessment
  • Change management process assessment

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Cybersecurity Assessment analyzes each system level, response strategies, training strategies, business continuity strategies, etc. This comprehensive analysis and resulting response create cyber security protocols that evolve to meet threats. Identify security gaps in the system can be identified and filled with proper training, software patches, or network reorganization. At the same time, a response strategy can be put in place to reduce the effect of an attack or system breach. Creating an effective security system must be tested, analyzed, and altered where needed as situations change and new risks arise. Risk Cognizance Cyber security assessment services analyze and redress the causes and risk factors of known and unknown security gaps in your organization.

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