Risk Cognizance provides award-winning IT security consulting and managed cyber services. We help community banks and credit unions stay secure and compliant. As an independent third party, Risk Cognizance provides Credit Unions with a highly tailored service. Risk Cognizance security solution provides IT Compliance and Governance for Credit Unions.

Cybersecurity for Banks & Credit Unions

Cyber Security For Cybersecurity For Banks & Credit Unions

Our cyber security consulting team brings in-depth Cybersecurity for Banks & Credit Unions experience and fresh thinking through a broad knowledge of talented technology and security advisers and former banking professionals, ranging from risk and audit professionals to technology managers and from commercial and consumer lenders to compliance executives and financial regulators. We provide solutions across all three lines of defense to meet tomorrow’s challenges, today.

We understand that financial services such as Cybersecurity for Banks & Credit Unions sector face complex challenges in regard to security. As we move towards a cashless society and outsourcing and offshoring, data sharing requirements and information security challenges become more complex, and the opportunity for cyber-enabled fraud increases. Cyber Security Operations empower its financial services clients by removing the worries of technology security, so they can focus on financial services business.

Cybersecurity Banks & Credit Unions

Financial Services institutions around the world have adopted the Risk Cognizance flash detection approach as the fastest way to protect their assets.


We empower financial services firms to centralize and manage their security programs, improve their risk profile and raise institutional capital.

  • Craft strategies to treat observed risks in financial systems, Improve the effectiveness of enterprise cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Evaluate critical aspects of cybersecurity governance, including executive and board oversight, and Identify significant cybersecurity operational challenges.
  • Consider the impact of the cybersecurity mission across the enterprise, and leverage cybersecurity regulatory and industry standards to help manage financial services risks.
  • Use cybersecurity scenarios to measure systemic risks in financial systems environments, and apply key experiences from actual cybersecurity events to develop more robust cybersecurity architectures.

How We Can Help Banks & Credit Unions Organization:

Our expert team and proprietary platform help firms defend against and address today’s dynamic cyber threats. Analyze the threat and vulnerability landscape confronting the financial sector.

IT Security Assessment Services & 3rd-Party Security Assessment Services, vendor due diligence program to manage and monitor their vendors’ cybersecurity programs in real-time and identify data risks that lie outside their organization. With Risk Cognizance you can ensure your third-party financial service vendor’s cybersecurity practices meet your standards and industry requirements. Implement effective technology risk assessment practices and methodologies

Our Cyber Security Assessment & IT Security Risk Assessment Services team can help your organization gain an understanding of it current and vendor cyber weaknesses. Our highly skilled cybersecurity assessment & IT security risk assessment team has the expertise and toolset to identify, evaluate, minimize, and eradicate information and physical security threats. Regular cybersecurity risk assessments are imperative to assure regulators, investors, and board members that your firm is protecting and managing confidential data.

Banks & Credit Unions Are The Most Targeted Industrial Sectors

The financial services industry remains among the most targeted industrial sectors. From banks to brokerages, threat actors target financial institutions to steal your employee, customer and business data. They threaten both your credibility and integrity as they capitalize on insider trading through data theft or monetize stolen payment card information.