With our CMMC Pre-Certification Readiness Assessment services you can confidently withstand a CMMC Audit. By leverage our Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 readiness services and gain access to experience CMMC consultants to help you reach the certification level needed for your business.

Are you ready to update to NIST 800, CMMC & NIST 171 DFARS, our NIST consulting services can help you get there faster.

CMMC Security Assessment Services

Our CMMC Assessment and Readiness Services simplify your CMMC certification process, and let your business stay competitive in the DoD acquisition process. Our CMMC Security Assessment team bring decades of experience in implementing NIST security controls and best practices. We understand system security risk and how it affects system architecture. Our enterprise-level experience allows us to tailor solutions to your organization’s unique set of requirements that get you compliant with as little change and disruption as possible. Confidently pass your CMMC Audit with Risk Cognizance’s CMMC Assessment Service and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) readiness services and solutions.

  • DOD CMMC L3 Preparedness Assessment

  • CMMC Remediation Services

  • CMMC Security Assessment

  • CMMC Readiness Services


Is Your Privacy Program Aligned CMMC NiST 171 Framework

Reach CMMC certification readiness in just three months depending on the sized of your organization, drawing on our unique blend of practical cyber security know-how and proven management system consultancy expertise, our team will work with you to implement an NIST 800-171 compliant ISMS quickly and without hassle, no matter where your business is located.

Experience NIST 171 Security Assessment Team & NIST 171 Is CMMC Baseline

Our assessors and consultants are experts on government standard for NIST compliance. Our comprehensive assessments let you identify areas of risk and implement defined security controls to meet CMMC standards.


Our experienced GRC team can quickly determine your current compliance maturity posture; develop Gap report, Identify CMMC Risk, and Vulnerability assessments; and provide the required documentation your organization needs to meet all compliance regulations.

We begin our CMMC assessment by working closely with you to understand your business processes in order to understand the NIST special publication that best pertains to your organization.

When our CMMC evaluation is complete, we will provide your organization with a detailed compliance assessment report outlining corrective action plans with a detailed roadmap for achieving CMMC compliance.

CMMC Privacy and Governance Services

Is Your Privacy Program Aligned To The NIST Cybersecurity Framework?

We provide advisory and assessment services designed to help you navigate the entire compliance process for the CMMC, FAR and DFARS cybersecurity contract obligations and successfully respond to your specific NIST SP 800 needs. Our services in this space include:

  • Security Assessment Planning

    • Developing a Security Assessment Policy

    • Prioritizing and Scheduling Assessments

    • Selecting and Customizing Technical Testing and Examination Techniques

    • Determining Logistics of the Assessment

    • Developing the Assessment Plan

    • Addressing Any Legal Considerations

  • Security Assessment Execution

    • Coordination

    • Assessment

    • Analysis

    • Data Handling

  • Post-Testing Activities

    • Mitigation Recommendations

    • Reporting

    • Remediation

  • Security Testing and Examination Overview

    • Policies

    • Roles

    • Methodologies

    • Techniques

  • Review Techniques

    • Documentation Review

    • Log Review

    • Ruleset Review

    • System Configuration Review

    • Network Sniffing

    • File Integrity Checking

  • Target Identification and Analysis Techniques

    • Network Discovery

    • Network Port and Service Identification

    • Vulnerability Scanning

    • Wireless Scanning

  • Target Identification and Analysis Techniques

    • Network Discovery

    • Network Port and Service Identification

    • Vulnerability Scanning

    • Wireless Scanning


Maturity and Gap Assessments - Determine if your IT security processes and protocols are meeting performance expectations; assess your current environment to prioritize investments and efforts; identify areas vulnerable to attack and incident response readiness; perform identity and access management assessments; identify issues with compliance (PCI DSS, ISO, CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, etc.)

NIST Cybersecurity Risk Assessments And Compliance Assessment

Below are some of the more commonly practiced NIST-800 Special Publications that Risk Cognizance secure has experience in assisting with implementation, design, authorization and configuration:


Our assessors and consultants are experts on the government standard for NIST compliance. Our comprehensive assessments let you identify areas of risk and implement defined security controls to meet NIST standards. We conduct numerous NIST SP 800, FISMA, and other NIST-based assessments that are relied on by leading agencies, such as the DoD, HHS, CMS, NIH, DHS, DOT, and more.

NIST compliance – standards benchmarking and consulting, program readiness assessments, health check services, strategic roadmap services, configuration and deployment solutions, integration and deployment of technology, post-implementation support/technical assistance, knowledge transfer, and staff augmentation.


The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification or CMMC provides a standard set of controls for the implementation of cybersecurity across the US Government and Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The CMMC framework includes a comprehensive and scalable certification element to verify the implementation of processes and practices associated with the achievement of a cybersecurity maturity level. CMMC is designed to provide increased assurance to the Department of Defense that a DIB company can adequately protect Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), accounting for information flow down to subcontractors in a multi-tier supply chain.

Who Does CMMC Apply To?

CMMC applies to anyone in the defense contract supply chain. These include contractors who engage directly with the Department of Defense and subcontractors contracting with primes to fulfill and/or execute those contracts. According to the DoD, the CMMC launched standards will affect over 300,000 organizations.

What Happens If My Business Don’t Become CMMC Compliant?

The penalty for CMMC compliance is simple — if you’re not compliant, you can’t be awarded defense contracts. There are no fines or conventional penalties. You’re just unable to operate in the DoD contracting space any longer.

How To Become CMMC Compliant?

Whether you’re planning on taking steps toward becoming CMMC compliant or you simply want to boost your company’s cybersecurity, we can help.

Through the CMMC, the DoD expects to:

  • Ensure contractors can defend against current and future cyber risks

  • Verify that contractors have strong controls to protect the controlled unclassified information (CUI) that resides in the DIB’s network and systems

  • Provide assurance by requiring an independent third-party validation

  • Establish levels of compliance that align with the different levels of risk

  • Encourage improved security at a manageable cost to the federal government


Risk Cognizance CMMC readiness assessment is built on industry-recognized security frameworks, including the NIST SP 800-171, NIST SP 800-53, Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 9933, Security Operation Center, and Emergency Response Team (CERT) Resilience Management Model (RMM) v1.2.