Cyber Security Consulting

Cybersecurity and IT Services for Nonprofits. Does your nonprofit have a cyber security risk program in place, there are real risks to your nonprofit’s own data security as well as to its donors, and the individuals your organization serves.

Cyber Security Consulting for Nonprofit

How can you secure your non for profit organization, and implement a cyber security framework:

Although it can take significant time for an organization to improve its capacity to respond to cybersecurity challenges, existing resources can help. There is no nonprofit specific standard for cybersecurity; nonprofits are expected to use the same well-established, risk-based approach to cybersecurity management other organizations use. Accordingly, nonprofits can rely on the voluminous guidance and best practices found in the business world, regulatory guidelines, and international standards to perform risk analyses, conduct internal assessments, effectively allocate resources, and formulate sound long-term security strategies. Risk Cognizance implement ISO 27001 for all of our nonprofits..

Nonprofit First Step | Risk Assessment

Performing a risk assessment essential in assessing your nonprofit’s data risks, this allows you to take inventory of all the data your nonprofit collects and identify where it is stored. Risk Cognizance offers security assessment.

We will assess your environment and take inventory for all data collected by your nonprofit organization: to give you a full understand around: What data does your nonprofit organization collect about people? What data does your nonprofit do with it? Where does your organization store it? Who is responsible for it? Think about the cost/benefit of maintaining all that data.

We find that most nonprofit currently keep and average of 29% of data it doesn’t really need. If so, reducing or limiting the data that your nonprofit collects, and streamlining the storage process (as well as diligently destroying data in accordance with the nonprofit’s document retention policy) could be easy first steps towards mitigating risk.


Risk Cognizances team of experts can help your nonprofit make informed decisions to better anticipate or mitigate these risks through our various services including “know your donor,” “know your beneficiary,” and “know your investments and fund managers” services. Each is specially designed to provide you with an understanding of the integrity, reliability, and legitimacy of the third parties that support, benefit from, or help carry out your mission.


1. Risk Cognizance technical security experts can help.

We know most nonprofit organization don’t have the resources to hire the type of IT security expertise necessary to protect the organization. Recognize any limitations of your IT source and consider working with a qualified third party such as Risk Cognizance. Our security consultant can help identify risk, as well as set up and manage your nonprofit network and a data security program.

2. Risk Assessment.

Understand what sensitive data you store and how. This will help you target vulnerabilities and concentrate your limited resources on those areas that pose the most risk. Understand certain activities, such as using credit cards to collect sensitive data or submitting payroll to a third-party provider, put the organization at risk.

3. Have a data security program.

This encompasses awareness, training, procedures, and having an incident response plan. A third party consultant can help you set this up in the most cost effective and efficient way.

4. Secure the network.

Wireless technologies (such as bring-your-own-devices) can put an organization at risk, meaning the organization’s network needs to be secured and plans in place in case of a data breach.

Non for Profit Cloud Computer Security

Cloud computing almost certainly will play a bigger role in the life of virtually every nonprofit. By being proactive and thinking through security and compliance issues and relationships with vendors, you can resolve any cloud computing concerns you may have and keep your focus on your nonprofit’s core mission.

How IT Outsourcing Strengthens Security For Nonprofits

It often requires just a series of emails to get senior finance executives to begin looking beyond their own IT departments to safeguard their businesses against cyber-hackers. See what you can do to ensure your non-profit organization remains secure. Contact Us Today