What you need to know, and how Risk Cognizance can help you navigate the complications

Risk Cognizance is a global Managed IT Security Services, providing managed threat prevention, compliance management, incident response management, vulnerability management, and analysis services to support your cloud or on-premise enterprise security environments.

Pandemic Security Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has alerted many organizations to gaps in their information security infrastructure heretofore unrealized. Most of these deficiencies have been revealed as a direct outcome of the shift from a workforce-in-place physical environment centered around a fixed and determinable worksite location to a distributed, unstructured environment where most employees and individuals are working remotely.

At Risk Cognizance, we can help your organization address these, as well as other concerns related not only to the current operating environment but also pertaining to any and all operating challenges you may face as part of your ongoing operations.


Cybercriminal activity increasing in wake of COVID-19 The Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued warnings that cyber criminals are ramping up attempts to exploit individuals and corporate networks during this time of heightened tension and atypical messaging..


Risk Cognizance Managed IT Security Services delivers best-of-breed managed services backed by highly-trained and certified security experts. Our services protect every user and every device from cyber attacks. Our defense in-depth approach to security bundle multiple services together provide our client with a higher possibility to stop cyber attack at a competitive as your normal MSSP.


The lack of a centralized workspace raises a multiplicity of information security concerns, including but not limited to the following:

  • Does the company have an established Work-From-Home (WFH) information security policy, and if not, how is remote worker security managed?
  • Are employees adequately trained to work remotely, and do they have the appropriate tools at their disposal to ensure preservation of the security environment?
  • How does the organization manage mobile device and laptop security, including encryption?
  • Control and testing of the commercial VPN?
  • Does you organization have Multi-Factor Authentication in place?
  • Does the organization maintain a comprehensive data loss protection policy?
  • How, if at all does the organization address data loss protection?
  • Does the organization have a breach response plan for mobile and remote WFH employees?

Managing Security Risk During A Pandemic With Work-From-Home Arrangements

At Risk Cognizance, we can help your organization address these, as well as other concerns related not only to the current operating environment but also pertaining to any and all operating challenges you may face as part of your ongoing operations. Our skilled team of information security professionals can provide a comprehensive assessment of your information security framework and suggest remediation and complementary additions to your existing framework, as the case may be.

There are several things to consider if and when the time comes for firms to return to the office. Risk Cognizance recommends:

  • Third-Party network risk assessment
  • Implement a security standard such has NIST, or ISO 27001
  • Security Training and Awareness Program
  • Operational Responses to Security Incidents
  • Work from Home Security
  • Virtual Meeting Applications
  • Updates and Patches
  • A full virus scan on workstations returning to the office
  • Full Windows/Mac updates
  • Review Wi-Fi connections on returning devices: Some people may come back and still connect to Optimum Wi-Fi (This can be very risky)
  • Delete any accounts not for company use
  • Provisioning devices employees may have bought in haste (Hardening AV adding to the domain)
  • Mobile device management strategy for new mobiles, or devices that employees are using more
  • Pandemic Policy, Wireless policy and Cyber Security policy

Pandemic IT Security Services Overview

Pandemic Threat Managed Services :

Fight cybercrime with our managed threat intelligence, Managed Threat Services (MTS) combines threat intelligence with managed detection and response to provide actionable insights, 24/7 threat detection, respond, contain, and investigate.

  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Managed Secure Gateway
  • Managed Identity
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threat Hunting

Pandemic Vulnerability Management Services

Managed proactively scan, test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities to protect your data and your business. Risk Cognizance managed vulnerability management service provide on going management of vulnerabilities and a vulnerability management experts testing all expernal attack surfaces and users.

  • Regularly scheduled security scans with vulnerability report and remediation recommendations
  • Comprehensive anti-phishing simulation Tesing

Pandemic Compliance Management

Our managed compliance services identify and deploy security compliance based on client industry and best practices. Managed Compliance Services include design, implementation, testing, monitoring, ongoing management, and executive reporting.

  • Reporting on all areas of Security
  • Cyber Security Strategy and Planning
  • Audit/Assessment Support

Pandemic Incident Response Management

  • Rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimizing threats. secure your assets as quickly as possible.
  • Managed Detect and Response (MDR) Services how threat hunting goes to working with advanced threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring and incident analysis services.


Unmatched, fully managed IT security, identity, and compliance solutions for your business in the cloud and on premises.


It is important for organizations to foresee possible consequences transitioning from working remotely to returning to the office. Risk Cognizance can help facilitate this transition.

Risk Cognizance Managed IT Security Services is a unique, defence in depth portfolio of solutions and services designed to take the complexity out of security management, compliance management and reporting.