Risk Cognizance provides risk advisory services for strategic, operational and tactical level needs, including, business resiliency strategies, risk assessments, and incident management.

Cybersecurity for Financial Services &
Accounting Firms

Cybersecurity for Financial Services & Accounting Firms IT security consulting and IT security assessments are designed specifically to meet regulatory requirements and address the needs of any size organization. To determine the adequacy of your existing security controls and to identify security deficiencies. Our seasoned security experts will conduct a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure.

Our professionals have extensive industry experience in ERM program development and oversight, accompanied with expertise in data analytics, statistical analysis, and data mining used to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Our services include ERM program assessments, model validations, model tuning and calibration, and ERM internal controls assessments. Our Virtual VCISO program gives you access to skills, experience cyber security consultants, & technology services needed for compliance.


Develop cyber policies and procedures to address business mission, with our cybersecurity program service and our cyber risk assessment services assess, mitigate, and monitor risks at your organization. Please ask our agent about our cyber security awareness training, to empower your employees with security awareness to transforms your employees to defend against cyber threats

We are a leading provider of bank security services and solutions for the Financial Institutions sector throughout North America. We provide Cyber Security Services for the following Financial Services Institutions.

  • Commercial Banks (Banking)
  • Investment Banks (Wealth management)
  • Insurance Companies (Insurance)
  • Mortgages Brokerage Firms (Advisory)
  • Planning Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)
  • CPA Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)

Our services follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) to keep you compliant and prepared for the next big cyber attack. Cybersecurity experts dedicated to keeping businesses protected from ever-increasing threats with Penetration Testing, IT Compliance, Vulnerability Scans and more.

To learn more about our experience and solutions for the Financial Services industry, please call us at 866-973-2677