Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO) Services

Our Data Protection Officers can put in place multiple levels of Data Loss Protection technics that are compliant with any data governance management framework and data protection laws. Risk Cognizance understands that data, whether it’s client data, employee data, intellectual property data, or credit card data, is at the heart of every business. Risk Cognizance will classify all data used by your organization by developing a data classification chart and policy to ensure its security.

Our consultants assist you in incorporating new and existing regulations into your privacy program in order to meet

The reality is that for some businesses, the role of DPO is not required by law, for others, it is definitely not full-time, for others, it is unsure, and for still others, finding a genuinely skilled full or part-time DPO has proven difficult. Our service is applicable in all circumstances.

Our vDPO role assumes you have already taken some steps toward GDPR compliance, and we manage all data breaches, customer/supplier responses, and DPIAs, as well as GDPR maintenance tasks, from that point forward. We will answer GDPR-related questions such as the legal basis for contact at any time without affecting your vDPO’s available days.

Benefit of Risk Cognizance Virtual Data Protection Program

Our Data Privacy Officer (DPO) will take the lead on privacy issues, serving as the focal point or go-to person for privacy concerns among management and staff. While privacy controls are widely distributed throughout the organization and many employees have explicit privacy obligations, the Data Privacy Officer is ultimately responsible for the adequacy of the organization’s overall privacy arrangements, including your privacy framework and compliance with privacy-related obligations.

  • A highly skilled team of experts in a wide range of privacy compliance requirements

  • Knowledge of data protection law and practice

  • Integrity and a high level of professional ethics are required.

  • Independence of role and task

  • Strategic advice on how to use personal data responsibly, effectively, and creatively.

  • Ongoing reports provide comprehensive guidance on appropriate data security measures and risk mitigation.

  • Data security awareness training

Data Privacy Consulting Services

  • GLBA Assessment

  • HIPAA Assessment

  • ISO 27001 Pre-Audit Assessment

  • Marketing Compliance Assessment

  • HIPAA Assessment

  • CCPA Assessment

  • FERPA Assessment

  • GDPR Assessment

  • GDPR to CCPA Assessment

What is Data security management

Data security management is the effective oversight and management of an organization’s data to ensure that unauthorized users do not access or corrupt the data. Data mapping, planning, implementation of the plan, and verification and updating of the plan’s components are all part of a data security management plan.

Interphase Systems IT Security Assessments identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your organization. To detect potential threats, our experts employ a variety of security scanning tools as well as advanced investigative techniques. To reduce risk exposure and protect your data from external threats, our team recommends security best practices as well as appropriate security technologies.

Security assessments are critical for all companies in all industries to protect themselves from external threats. Healthcare and finance industries, for example, require security assessments to meet stringent industry regulations and standards and avoid stiff fines and penalties for noncompliance.

A comprehensive Security Risk Assessment identifies all of our findings and provides a prioritized list of actionable recommendations for strengthening a company’s security posture. Interphase can assist in the remediation of all security risks thanks to our highly skilled security technologists.