Data Security Program & Data Security Privacy 

Enterprise data assets mapping and protection

Knowing the data landscape and what requires the highest level of security is an absolute must in today’s e-commerce world. Information mishandling and data loss is often times due to broken business processes, unaware employees, and corporations replying on security tools rather than leveraging a robust security program. True data leakage prevention programs provide demonstrable value to the business.  Our data protection consulting service focuses on protecting the data that is most important to your organization. We’ll help you to reduce exposure to a level your business is comfortable with a level that keeps the regulator happy but puts your business first.

Our approach combines our deep technical and business consulting experience to create top down and bottom-up data loss programs, ensuring data security.  


Our data privacy team has expertise with privacy policy, processes and technology and can design, build, run, monitor, and enhance our clients’ data privacy risk management capabilities, delivering custom solutions no matter the company’s data environment or risk profile. From small engagements around specific regulations to ongoing managed services, we help each organization better define, implement and operational data privacy programs. Our services include:

Data profiling provides the foundation of Data Ecosystem Management by scanning enterprise data assets and mapping core data assets to business function:

Data Governance

  • Retention Policy Enforcement

  • CCPA Compliance

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Data Mapping & Monitoring

  • Risk Mitigation

Search & Collection

  • Legal Hold Notifications

  • Defensible Deletion

  • Data Mapping

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Data Classification

Risk Cognizance Data Security Program & Data Security Privacy

Data Governance: security and privacy professionals can work with you to ensure you have a complete inventory of the data you have collected in your enterprise and where it is stored. In addition to helping you rationalize the various data you have about clients, partners, and employees, we can help you improve your compliance posture.

Data Classification: Many organizations are becoming aware they need to more efficient in the way they manage data and respond to regulatory imperatives. Risk Cognizance data classification professionals help to refine your data classification policies and procedures to more efficiently comply with regulations, and to derive more value from your data.

Data interpretation and analysis: After the scan is executed and findings are prioritized, results are analyzed and interpreted to determine the sensitivity of various data as well as how it made its way to each location.

Findings documentation: Risk Cognizance creates thorough documentation for every client. This includes an executive summary, scan results with interpretation and analysis, security recommendations and a remediation road map.

Privacy Program Development: Compliance gap assessments across global privacy and security regulations, Implementing a data security program strategy, design, development, and implementation.

We can assist you in refining or creating privacy policies, establishing operational procedures and controls and building programs. Where legal opinion is required, Risk Cognizance has outstanding legal partners we will engage to provide you a technical, regulatory, and legal perspective.. Don’t take chances – let our experts help! Risk Cognizance has a variety of services that you can leverage to meet your data and cyber security needs.

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