In today’s security climate, data has become the new currency. Regardless of size, every organization has important data and that makes you a target. You need information security services to proactively prevent and protect confidential data, as well as detect internal and external threats.

Cybersecurity Assessment & Compliance

Full-Service CYBER SECURITY Solutions

Our approach goes beyond assessing security controls, and examines credible threats to understand the likelihood of a real-world abuse case, and measuring the magnitude of business impact if a breach should occur. By developing a holistic business/IT risk view, security decisions become business decisions.

Risk Cognizance enables enterprise risk management through the quantification of your cybersecurity risk or exposure that provides the insight necessary to articulate your cyber risk appetite, make risk-informed investment decisions, and illuminate risk transfer needs and options. We knows more about advanced attackers than anyone else. We help our customers see the big picture – understand evolving attacker motivations and methodologies in a way others cannot. Powered by industry-recognized expertise and nation-state grade threat intelligence sourced from machine, adversary, campaign and victim intelligence, cyber security services enable smarter decision-making to help you outmaneuver your attackers.

Cybersecurity Program Review and Road Mapping

  • Standards-based, client-specific assessment that helps drive strategy, risk management, investment, and risk-transfer decisions.
  • Based on a proprietary synthesis of multiple standards for testing and validating security outcomes within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.
  • Measures the effectiveness of your controls through performance validation testing.
  • Includes a joint Road mapping Workshop to develop multi-year investment and program plans, using Cyber Value-at-Risk modeling to analyze alternative security control investment strategies in terms of risk reduction potential.

Our Cyber Security Services division provides security testing, network vulnerability assessment, risk assessment services. Capabilities include the development of security control documentation, risk based security control testing to assess compliance with applicable requirements, and penetration testing. Our team has the experienced providing services in both physical and cloud /visualized environments.

Cyber Engineering

Red Team Assessments

Test how well your people, processes and technology protect your critical assets.

Penetration Testing

Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities to close off avenues of attack.

Security Program Assessment

Get informed, expert recommendations to improve your security program.

Response Readiness Assessment

Evaluate and improve your ability to detect, respond to, and contain advanced attacks.

Training Services

Information about our training offerings and a complete training class catalog.

Active Directory Security Assessment

Mitigate the risk of Active Directory misconfigurations, process weaknesses and exploitation methods.

Tabletop Exercise

Evaluate your incident response plan against scripted scenarios.

Industrial Control Systems Health Check

Reduce security vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS environments.

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

Obtain a quick, high-level analysis of your organization’s risk level based on the C.O.P.E framework.

Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment

Conduct due diligence on cyber security for merger and acquisition targets.