E-Commerce Security Services / PCI Compliance 

Many customers today choose online shopping alternatives over traditional shopping methods. Unfortunately, this steady rise in the ecommerce  market also means more exposure to ecommerce security violations.

The ecommerce industry has been hit hard by cyber crime, and most cyber security experts say the worst is yet to come.  With massive credit card breaches, PCI violations, and the growth in cyber crime activity we haven’t seen the worst of these breaches. 

Trust and reputation can be impossible to regain if you are a small startup. Therefore, we will explore the best practices and strategies you can implement to minimize online threats and empower your ecommerce security.

Benefits of Risk Cognizance E-Commerce Security Services

Ecommerces have seen an unprecedented level of cyber attacks as criminals seek to obtain a big payday through credit card data or further their misguided agendas by denying retailers and customers the ability to conduct business. CyberSecOP can help with pre-attack compliance, penetration and vulnerability testing, compromise assessments, and incident response and containment. 

Financial fraud has afflicted online businesses since their inception. Hackers make unauthorized transactions and wipe out the trail costing businesses significant amounts of losses.

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CyberSecOP can help your organization with PCI-DSS compliance security program, ensure that your retail customers card data is protected. While PCI-DSS provides a framework for improved payment processing, it has not been sufficient to ensure the security of the modern retail POS system while protecting your reputation and businesses assets. 

 Our security consulting team will help you to build out a security program to protect and monitor all your assets from internal and external breaches. 

E-Commerce security TipS

E-Commerce security PROTECTION from Spam

Where emails are known as a strong medium for higher sales, it also remains one of the highly used mediums for spamming. Nonetheless, comments on your blog or contact forms are also an open invitation for online spammers where they leave infected links in order to harm you. They often send them via social media inbox and wait for you to click on such messages. Moreover, spamming not only affects your website’s security, but it also damages your website speed too.

E-Commerce security PROTECTION from Phishing

It is one of the common security threats of ecommerce where hackers masquerade as legitimate businesses and send emails to your clients to trick them into revealing their sensitive information by simply presenting them with a fake copy of your legitimate website or anything that allows the customer to believe the request is coming from the business.

Common phishing techniques include emailing your customers or your team with fake “you must take this action” messages. This technique only works your customers follow through with the action and provide them access to their login information or other personal data which the hacker can exploit as per his benefit.

E-Commerce security PROTECTION from Bots

You may recognize bots from your good books such as those that crawl the web and help you rank your website in Search Engine Result Pages. However, there are exclusive bots developed to scrape websites for their pricing and inventory information. The hackers use such information to change the pricing of your online store, or to garner the best-selling inventory in shopping carts, resulting in a decline in sales and revenue.

Ecommercers PROTECTION from DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks aim to disrupt your website and affect overall sales. These attacks flood your servers with numerous requests until they succumb to them and your website crashes.

Ecommercers PROTECTION from Brute Force Attacks

These attacks target your online store’s admin panel in an attempt to figure out your password by brute-force. It uses programs that establish a connection to your website and use every possible combination to crack your password. You can protect yourself against such attacks by using a strong, complex password. Do remember to change it regularly.

E-Commerce security PROTECTION from SQL Injections

SQL injections are cyber-attacks intended to access your database by targeting your query submission forms. They inject malicious code in your database, collect the data and then delete it later on.

E-Commerce security PROTECTION from XSS

Hackers target your website visitors by infecting your online store with malign code. You can safeguard yourself against it by implementing Content Security Policy.

E-Commerce security PROTECTION Trojan Horses

Admins and customers might have Trojan Horses downloaded on their systems. It is one amongst the worst network security threats where attackers use these programs to swipe sensitive information from their computers with ease.