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Risk Cognizance Digital Forensics Team provides complete email forensics services for law firms, cyber insurance, businesses, government agencies, and private investigators.

The primary evidence in email investigations is the email header. The email header contains a considerable amount of information about the email. Email header analysis should start from bottom to top because the bottom-most information is the information from the sender, and the top-most information is about the receiver.

Email is one of the primary sources of numerous criminal activities on the Internet, of which some threaten human lives. Email analysis is challenging due to various fields that can be forged by hackers or the wide range of email applications and imposed law restrictions in the study of email bodies.

Forensic Email Analysis

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Computer Forensics: Web, Email, and Messaging Forensics

With the help of Risk Cognizance Email Investigators, who will analyze and examine emails of around 80+ email clients. In addition, Our forensic email collector also provides legal support around email forensic analysis of both desktop and web-based email services.

Email is one of the primary sources of numerous criminal activities on the Internet, of which some threaten human lives. Email analysis is challenging due to not only various fields that can be forged by hackers or the wide range of email applications in use but also due to imposed law restrictions in the analysis of email bod.

Email Forensic Collector for Multiple application

  • Zoho Mail

  • Google Apps

  • Gmail

  • Hotmail

  • iCloud

  • Windows Live Mail

  • Office 365

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Lotus Notes

  • Thunderbird

  • Email Client

  • The Bat!

  • Zarafa

  • Live Exchange

Email Header Forensic Analysis

Out email forensic investigators focus on electronic messages like emails when it comes to electronically stored information sources. These emails are potential evidence as it involves personal communications, critical business communications, business documents, agreements, professional discussions, and corporate disclosures,

Our in-house team has testified as experts in state and federal courts and has advised on issues including metadata, the recovery of deleted data, and the significance of operating system logs and forensic artifacts.


Our email forensic team and advanced forensic tools easily collect all suspicious data files as evidence of collection. We make it easier to manage the evidence. We can access and retrieve deleted messages at the forensic preservation stage.

We can also perform data recovery to carve deleted messages from email containers such as Personal Storage Table (PST) and Offline Storage Table (OST) files. We can even recover deleted attachments from an email message in some cases.

Email Forensics Services

  • Recover Deleted Emails: We provide a service in which we can recover all the normal and permanently deleted emails by preserving their email properties in their original form. No data modification is done while retrieving and deleting emails.

  • Repair Corrupted or Damaged Mails: We give the service to repair all types of data, whether corrupted or damaged in its exact form, without alterations to the data. Data integrity is kept in the same condition while repairing corrupted or damaged data.

  • Email Header Analysis: The email header plays an essential role in recognizing the sender of an email. We can get various information that gives enough information about the sender. Other evidence in email header indirectly will help during the forensics.

  • Header Analysis: We analyze all email headers and provide you with complete details of the sender, such as IP address, Mail Server, details of Service Provider, etc. We trace up to the Internet Service Provider level to find the culprit and the route followed by the email.

  • Data Migration: We provide the service to migrate the web-based email client data into various file formats to trace evidence. After data migration, its integrity, email properties, Metadata, folder structure, attachments, etc. are kept in exact form.

Digital Forensics Services and Malware Analysis

Our IT Security team will thoroughly investigate the incident while keeping you informed of all results. Computer forensic investigation can be performed during Incident Response Handling or independently, depending on your needs. Our experts leverage elite cyber threat intelligence to investigate the breach, determine its likely cause, report progress to appropriate parties as required by many regulatory compliance and security standards, and help you contain and eradicate the threat from your environment as quickly as possible.