Encryption Advisory Consulting Services

data encryption is critical & Reducing breach 

Risk Cognizance’s encryption service assist our client in protecting critical data, we use our encryption technology to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data and software. Our integrated model of encryption services work together to protect your cloud and on premises data.

All most every regulator now requires organizations to implement a encryption solution to protect clients data. All of the common framework requires that data at rest and data in transit be encrypted. Security policies are very important in an organization.  Risk Cognizance’s encryption services offerings and deliver the ability to create, modify, and enforce policies. Predefined reports allow you to view the activity and security state of an organization.  An automated encryption system will greatly support information security audits, too.


Encryption Consulting Services

Encryption strategy contains the roadmap with the required Encryption technologies in evaluating, prioritizing and minimizing areas of the highest risk to the organization.

The steps for a high level approach to develop an Encryption strategy are given below:

  • Determining the objective and scope of the encryption program among key business and technology stakeholders

  • Creating an overall governance structure including formation of the core team for programming, infrastructure, database and storage, business representatives, infrastructure team, database and storage team, the middle ware team, architects, privacy and compliance, and legal team.

  • Creating a long term year strategy and roadmap for the program based on objective and scope set forth from executives and management

Security & ENCRYPTION Consulting SERVICES


  • PKI – Assessment

  • PKI – Design/Implementation

  • PKI – CP/CPS Development


  • Infrastructure Assessment

  • Design / Implementation


  • SSL/TLS Management

  • PKI Management


  • Data Security Platform

  • Hardware and Software

Risk Cognizance Encryption Consulting Services Benefits

Can you organization demonstrate the trust and integrity within a cryptographic key management solution? Does your organization ensure your services are delivered? Do you know what encryption your systems are using, are they out of date?

Risk Cognizance help organization ensure integrity and trust of the services that rely on the cryptographic solution and can help you demonstrated and ensure trust and integrity, whether it is a software or a Hardware Security Module (HSM) based cryptographic solution. Let us help you enables integrity and trust our encryption consulting services allow you to safeguard the assets and information it was designed.

Cryptographic Expert Services

We have experience cryptographic key management specialists with the relevant skills and practical experience can at times can be difficult, and to maintain key management teams within organizations can be an expensive exercise. Using experienced consultancy services in this field can assist organisations to either augment their teams, or seek independent advice and guidance as to the status of their cryptograph services.