Financial Cyber Security Consulting   

We deliver effective cyber security solutions for our clients, to ensure a return on their investment by minimizing exposure to cyber threat. We work with the security intelligence community to facilitate federal cyber security and international standards. If you are looking for an Information and Cyber Consulting Service Provider, you have come to the right place. When it comes to cybersecurity, once confidence is lost, investors will simply take their capital elsewhere. Our cyber security consulting and suite of solutions will provide you the peace of mind you need.

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Financial Services Cybersecurity Risk Management

We assist our client in establish security framework by providing cyber leaders and front-line professionals, to provide guidance and help with analyzing cyber challenges and choosing between risk treatment options based on budget.

  • Analyze the threat and vulnerability landscape confronting the financial sector

  • Implement effective technology risk assessment practices and methodologies

  • Craft strategies to treat observed risks in financial systems

  • Improve the effectiveness of enterprise cybersecurity capabilities

  • Evaluate critical aspects of cybersecurity governance, including executive and board oversight

  • Identify significant cybersecurity operational challenges

  • Consider the impact of the cybersecurity mission across the enterprise

  • Leverage cybersecurity regulatory and industry standards to help manage financial services risks

  • Use cybersecurity scenarios to measure systemic risks in financial systems environments

  • Apply key experiences from actual cybersecurity events to develop more robust cybersecurity architectures

How we can help your financial Service organization 

  • Security Advisory Services

  • GLBA, PCI, FedRamp, SEC, NFA, FFIEC, NIST, NYDFS, and OCC compliance

  • Policy development for financial services

  • Cyber Security leadership for finance businesses

  • Awareness education, training and testing for finance businesses

  • Penetration Testing of finance businesses systems

  • Security Management and Security Consulting