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Digital Forensics Services

During a breach, it’s essential to move quickly and contain the threat to minimize the impact by determining the root cause. However, overlooking evident procedures can limit your ability to help legal or governmental authorities pursue the threat actor.

Our Digital Forensics Investigators’ first step is to determine the purpose and objective of the investigation in a free consultation. We will work with you to identify where your data is located. We will document the legal chain of custody of the media and we will make a bit-by-bit copy and preserve the original. The Digital Forensics Analysis will examine and extract the data that can be viewed by the operating system, as well as data that is invisible to the operating system – including deleted data that has not been overwritten,



Computer Forensics, EDiscovery, Audio/Video, and Accounting Forensics

Our Digital Forensics Investigators also address the legal issues associated with electronic evidence, such as relevant case law, navigating the discovery process, protecting privilege, and working with attorneys and other professionals. Our team will also assist with cybersecurity risk, remediation, and compliance efforts.

Risk Cognizance is experienced in providing counsel with clear and viable information – whether it relates to the creation date of a specific file or the provenance of gigabytes of recovered deleted emails.


Identify, Preserve, and Report on Digital Evidence Confirming IP Theft

Employees who steal data often leave a trail of digital evidence that proves invaluable when investigating data theft. Computer forensics experts may be able to uncover important evidence, such as: Identifying recently attached storage media, including thumb drives and cloud drive access, and locating recently accessed files and documents.

Our in-house team has testified as experts in State and Federal courts. They have also advised on issues including metadata, the recovery of deleted data, and the significance of operating system logs and forensic artifacts.


Our computer forensics experts have found critical evidence on seized computers in cases ranging from corporate fraud to organized crime activities to terrorism – leading to numerous successful criminal indictments and convictions.

Our computer forensics experts use various the latest tools to copy data from computers, drives, servers forensically, and cloud storage platforms for examination. Our examination of the preserved data is where we shine. Testimonials given by clients, judges, and juries have been our greatest reward for cases worked well from beginning to end.

What is Digital Evidence and Forensics?

Digital evidence is information stored or transmitted in a binary form that may be relied on in court. It can be found on a computer hard drive, a mobile phone, and in other places. Digital evidence is commonly associated with electronic crime or e-crime, such as child pornography or credit card fraud.

Digital forensics is the field of forensic science concerned with retrieving, storing, and analyzing electronic data that can be useful in criminal investigations. This includes information from computers, hard drives, mobile phones, and other data storage devices. More varied data sources have become essential in recent years, including motor vehicles, aerial drones, and the cloud. Digital forensic investigators face challenges such as extracting data from damaged or destroyed devices, locating individual items of evidence among vast quantities of data, and ensuring that their methods capture data reliably without altering it. The projects listed below are just a few examples of how we help the digital forensics community to address these challenges.


Our IT Security team will thoroughly investigate the incident while keeping you informed of all results. Computer forensic investigations can be performed during Incident Response Handling or independently – depending on your needs. Our experts leverage elite cyber threat intelligence to investigate the breach(es), determine likely cause(s), report progress to appropriate parties as required by many regulatory compliance and security standards, and help you contain and eradicate the threat from your environment quickly as possible.

Risk Cognizance digital forensics experts specialize in cyber incident response and data investigations on computers, mobile devices, servers, dark web and other systems.