GDPR and Data Privacy Consulting Services

Using Risk Cognizance privacy expertise and technology, create a plan and develop processes to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other privacy regulations.

Meeting the requirements of the vast and ever-changing privacy regulatory landscape is difficult. Finding technology tools and a tried-and-true methodology, as well as a partner you can rely on to help you build, implement, and manage your privacy program, can be even more difficult.

GDPR & Privacy Consulting Services

The first step in developing a successful privacy compliance program is to review all applicable regulations, identify gaps, and develop a remediation plan. Risk Cognizance provides privacy assessments as well as consulting expertise to assist you in addressing the following issues:

  • HIPAA Assessment

  • ISO 27001 Pre-Audit Assessment

  • SOC Pre-Audit Assessment

  • NIST Pre-Audit Assessment

  • CCPA Assessment

  • FERPA Assessment

  • GDPR Assessment

  • GDPR to CCPA Assessment

  • GLBA Assessment

Privacy Program Management

  • Compliance Testing: Conduct compliance tests to identify the potential gaps and vulnerabilities within your current personal data infrastructure. We provide recommendations for improvement to ensure you are in alignment with the GDPR or other data protection regulations. This service will position your organization to protect data better and to have effective operational procedures for handling data safely.

  • Incident Response Management: reviews, revises, and refines your incident response policy, plan, processes, and procedures to ensure they align with the GDPR articles. We enhance your incident response capabilities, including your breach notifications, which allow you to identify better, protect, detect, and respond to any potential and/or actual personal data incidents.   Organizations that have used this service have become more proactive and better prepared to handle potential privacy breaches or legal disputes.

  • Data Lifecycle Management: Work with your organization to develop viable mechanisms for identifying and managing new personal data processed and used. We help you develop strategies to appropriately determine data storage, security, handling, and transmission.  We work with you to create appropriate checkpoints and controls to ensure ongoing compliance.  After working with us, data security threats are mitigated and minimized, making your data lifecycle resilient.

  • Data Privacy Assessment and Management: analyzes your organization’s data privacy management program, conducts privacy impact assessment (PIA), and develops a strategy for implementing privacy controls compliant with GDPR or other data protection requirements. After working with us, your organization will be better positioned to secure and manage personal data against potential risks.  Data privacy must be incorporated into your data privacy management program and serve as an anchor for achieving and maintaining compliance.  Organizations that have used this service have been able to:

    • reduce the privacy risks of data management,

    • reduce the chance that the organization or its staff or customers will suffer financial or reputational harm, and

    • achieve competitive advantages by reflecting the organization’s importance on protecting personal data, thereby earning trust.