HIPAA Readiness Assessment


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Does your firm Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect healthcare data?

Does your firm use a regularly update anti-virus software?

Have you reviewed and updated your privacy policies?

Have you assessed all points of data collection to ensure that explicit consent is properly requested in each case?

Have you prepared, documented and communicated processes for managing subject data access requests?

Do you obtain consents or authorizations to receive and send this information to others?

Have data retention and destruction procedures been reviewed for all data (including offline) as used by your organisation?

What methods do you use to destroy patient information no longer needed?

Have you made preparations to detect and report breaches as part of a response plan?

Have you prepared data breach notification procedures for informing data subjects?

Have you prepared for regular compliance audits or reviews to identify and fix issues?

Does your firm Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data?

How do you log/track documents that you send out? Where do you keep your log? How long do you keep it?

How can Risk Cognizance assist you?

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