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Cyber Security Incident Response Retainer

Our Cyber Incident Response Retainer services give your organization access to an experienced team of experts to implement an incident response program and act quickly to identify the point of the attack and work with you to reduce the impact of the cyber security incident on your organization. As many organizations are recognizing and experiencing first-hand, cyber-attacks are no longer a matter of if but when. Cyber attacks and unauthorized data leakage are a threat to organizations globally.

Our team of incident responders is constantly available to address escalated security incidents, support investigative analysis, and carry out forensic investigations involving the potential compromise of sensitive data or important information assets.

The availability of these resources during the allotted time periods is guaranteed by having access to these pre-paid incident response retainer hours. By doing so, you can shorten the time it takes to investigate while also identifying the incident’s root cause, its scope, and other activities related to potential threats. Contact our Global Incident Response Hotline: 212-459-0802.


Reduce Your Incident Response Time And Minimize Breach Impact

Our Cyber Incident Response Retainer gives you a guaranteed expert response when you need it most. Your Risk Cognizance Incident Response Retainer provides you with a team that will be at hand to help you rapidly contain and mitigate risk. The Incident Response (IR) team is crossing disciplines of cyber law, forensics, technology, and privacy; our experts help you build a mature cyber incident response program and offensive strategy against threats.


  • Cyber Incident Response Retainer Provides: A manager coordinates the Cyber Incident Response (CIR) plan and puts together the team. Group leaders CISO oversee specific areas of the Cyber Incident Response Service (CIRS). Incident handlers are floor-level managers who advise the employees conducting the response.

  • Ensures availability of IR experts and assistance within defined SLAs

  • No prerequisite capabilities or technology required

  • The onboarding process to build familiarity with your environment, technologies, and capabilities to expedite investigative timelines upon escalation.

  • Resources available for urgent escalations, as well as general DFIR expertise and surge assistance

  • Capabilities with on-prem, cloud, and hosted solutions

  • The incident response retainer program provides pre-negotiated terms and conditions to reduce execution timelines

  • Locked hourly rate for any supplemental IR services during the term of the annual services

  • Multi-year options discounts available

  • Individual resumes for DFIR specialists available upon request

Incident Response Retainer SLA, Terms, And BUDGET

  • Budget. Customize hours based on the organization’s budget

  • Unused hours. You don’t lose the hours you paid for; they never expired.

  • Response Time. We have a customized service level agreement (SLA)

  • Terms. No additional cost, your pay only the retained hours agreed on in the retainer contract.

  • Cyber insurance. Implement a proactive approach to cyber security, reducing your cyber insurance cost


Cyber Security Operations has experts in cyber incident response, forensics, and electronic discovery who can support or supplement your team when suspected unauthorized, illegal, or malicious activities are detected. Our Cyber Incident Response Retainer is not only to perform root cause analysis to identify why an incident occurred. Instead, the focus is on doing whatever is necessary to restore your service to a secure normal state.

This is where our experienced Cyber Incident Response and Incident Management team excels. We will start off with containment and mitigation to stop the bleeding.  our experienced investigators can quickly be reached to immediately begin assessing the compromise targeting your organization. Our well-trained investigators will start with a remote assessment to quickly provide direction on how to best contain and mitigate the attack.

Risk Cognizance is the intelligence leading security company. Providing cyber incident response, forensics, and electronic discovery. This is all covered in our Cyber Incident Response Retainers.

What Is A Retainer Service For Incident Response?

An Incident Response Retainer (IRR) is a service agreement that allows organizations to get external help with cybersecurity incidents. IRRs are provided by data forensics and incident response (DFIR) specialists and service providers and vendors offering incident response tools, who also have in-house incident response teams.

In the event of a cyber incident, organizations are given the tools and support they need through a structured form of incident response retainer from a security partner. You can gain proactive support by protecting your operations, reputation, and bottom line by having an incident response retainer. Many consumer and privacy laws require prompt response and notification for cyber incidents. The difficulties of finding expert assistance in the event of a major event that affects numerous organizations simultaneously are also lessened by having a retainer in place.

What Types Of Cyber Incident Response Retainers Are There?

An incident response retainer works by establishing a formal agreement between a company and a security services provider. A no-cost retainer is one type of option in which a service provider outlines how they will assist the organization in responding to an incident if one occurs. A prepaid retainer is another type in which the organization pays in advance for an agreed-upon number of hours that can be used to respond to cyber incidents. At Risk Cognizance, we offer incident response retainers that enable businesses to achieve the greatest impact while maintaining flexibility.