Managed Network Services

Senior Cybersecurity Advisory

Enhance connectivity and collaboration with an agile, adaptive infrastructure. Our managed network service provide cloud and on-premise services. We cover all aspect whether everything resides in the cloud or at the customers, we can simplify our managed network and cyber security services.


Benefit of Risk Cognizance Managed network services

Managed network services allow you to offload management tasks that are costly, consume your technical resources, and distract from the projects that will move your business forward. The network may be the foundation of your IT infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean you need to manage it all yourself. Risk Cognizance provides a unified network strategy and design for cloud and on-premise implementation success.

Managed network services

  • Firewall Management

  • Cloud Transformation

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Security

  • Network Strategy and Planning

  • Network Assessment

  • Network Management

  • Network Security

Managed Security Services

  • Threat Hunting

  • Pen Testing/Red Teaming

  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recover

  • Security Awareness

  • Phishing/Social Engineering

  • Secure Coding Training

  • Security Operations Center

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Risk/Security Assessments

  • Privacy

  • Cloud Security/DevSecOps

  • Incident Response

  • Forensics/Investigation

  • Managed Security Services

Expert insights and strategies to address your priorities and solve your most pressing challenges. As a managed network service provider we are able to craft a solution that works for your unique business strategy.