Benefits of implementing an information security management system

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    The benefits of implementing an information security management system (ISMS)


    Secures your information in all its forms

    An ISMS helps protect all forms of information, including digital, paper-based, intellectual property, company secrets, data on devices and in the Cloud, hard copies and personal information.

    Increases resilience to cyber attacks

    Implementing and maintaining an ISMS will significantly increase your organisation’s resilience to cyber attacks.

    Provides a centrally managed framework

    An ISMS provides a framework for keeping your organisation’s information safe and managing it all in one place.

    Offers organisation-wide protection

    It protects your entire organisation from technology-based risks and other, more common threats, such as poorly informed staff or ineffective procedures.

    Helps respond to evolving security threats

    Constantly adapting to changes both in the environment and inside the organisation, an ISMS reduces the threat of continually evolving risks.

    Reduces costs associated with information security

    Thanks to the risk assessment and analysis approach of an ISMS, organisations can reduce costs spent on indiscriminately adding layers of defensive technology that might not work.

    Protects confidentiality, availability and integrity of data

    An ISMS offers a set of policies, procedures, technical and physical controls to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information.

    Improves company culture

    The Standard’s holistic approach covers the whole organisation, not just IT, and encompasses people, processes and technology. This enables employees to readily understand risks and embrace security controls as part of their everyday working practices.


    Services and Benefits Provided to out partners:

    • 24/7 Security Operations Center
    • Incident response and digital forensics services
    • Monitoring of your public IP ranges and domains for possible compromises
    • Access to our malicious code analysis platform
    • Weekly top-malicious domains and IPs report
    • Vulnerability Management Program (VMP)
    • Access to cybersecurity table-top exercises