Information Security Consulting Services, Strategy & Implementation 

Risk Cognizance Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention is a tailored suite of services that accelerates your security team’s capability to adapt to the evolving threat landscape and prevent security incidents related to your unique business objectives without increasing risk or gaps in compliance mandates.

Security Program & Strategy Services is necessary with so many headlines proclaiming security breaches these days, you undoubtedly have a heightened awareness of the need to protect your company by protecting your data. Our information security consulting practice is one of the few that can deliver all the components of a comprehensive information security system.

Information Security Strategy & Design to give you a better security posture.

Security Program & Strategy Services Include but not limited to the followings:

  • Security Program & Strategy Services – Information Security Digital forensics services

  • (vISO) Information Security Vulnerability and risk assessments

  • (vISO) Information Security Internal and external penetration testing

  • (vISO) Information Security Policy and plan development

  • Security Program & Strategy Services –Configuration management, design, and remediation

  • (vISO) Information Security Enterprise security architecture design and re-design

  • (vISO) Information Security Malicious code review

  • (vISO) Information Security Computer security incident response

  • (vISO) Information Security Engineering and architecture design

  • (vISO) Information Security Operations management

  • (vISO) Information Security Application and software security assurance

  • (vISO) Information Security Insider threat and APT assessment

  • (vISO) Information Security Social engineering (targeted phishing)

  • (vISO) Information Security IT risk management and compliance

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