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network secure against ransomware and cryptomining attacks

Risk Cognizance Information Security Assessment will provide a FISA Score this ensure an effectively security program, protecting your firm against information security threats.

Our comprehensive information security risk assessment designed to discover and quantify information security risk. Risk Cognizance FISASCORE is a comprehensive, risk-based measurement of information security assigned to your company based on a proven and thorough assessment process. Once completed, your firm will have a FISASCORE which is based on NIST framework. Your FISASCORE will identify critical vulnerabilities, control gaps/deficiencies, and applicable threats to the security of your business..

A successful Information Security program is more than just policies, software and hardware. Risk Cognizance FISASCORE covers all facets of Information Security to represent the most comprehensive security assessment of information security risks. CyberSecOP FISA Score is easy to understand and report on.


IT Security Consulting Services Includes:

Current state assessments allowing business to drive compliance between audits. What is true today may not be true tomorrow. The always-evolving and expanding threat environment mandates continuous monitoring of enterprise and partner security posture to facilitate sustained compliance with constantly shifting regulations. In addition to minding your IT infrastructure, regulators are increasingly pursuing enforcement actions against companies that are unable to demonstrate implementation of effective risk management program.

Vendor Risk Management

Get instant visibility into the security posture of your vendors and business partners. We enable enterprises to take control of risk across their entire ecosystem by continuously monitoring internal systems and vendor environments.

Threat Reconnaissance

We collect and analyze threat signals across the public web, dark web, our global sensor network, and threat intelligence feeds. With the largest and highest quality dataset in the industry, our platform delivers the most accurate security ratings and detailed findings possible. Empowers security teams with forward-looking, high fidelity, adversary-focused intelligence and actionable advice.

Enterprise Security

Delivers comprehensive prevention, detection and response capabilities, including Network, Endpoint, and Email solutions under one platform

Managed Defense

Applies frontline knowledge of the attacker and proven hunting methodologies to detect and respond to covert activity. Responds to critical breaches worldwide and provides cyber security consulting services to protect against cyber threats.

Self Assessment

Enterprise visibility is often restricted to an inside view of security posture. Our platform enables you to discover, monitor, and report on the cyber health of your IT infrastructure from the outside-in – see what a hacker sees.

Cyber Insurance

Insurance providers leverage our platform when underwriting cyber insurance policies for their customers. SecurityScorecard enables enterprises to take control of their risk profile while giving insurers visibility into the cyberhealth of their prospects and policyholders.

Risk Cognizance provides services in 6 core pillars with over 60 unique cyber offerings – including Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO), Cyber Threat Intelligence Cyber Digital & Analytics, Cyber Defense & Response, Cyber Strategy & Architecture, Cyber Operations (Cyber-as-a-Service), Cyber Governance & Compliance and Cyber Technology & Innovation.