Small Business Information Security Consulting   

Small Business need to automate information integration and governance at the point of data creation and within big data applications. Effective information integration and governance can help protect information and improve the accuracy of big data insights. Small Business data security requires the monitoring, auditing, and protection of enterprise data to help ensure compliance. Small Business data breaches, ransomware attacks, and failed audits can result in financial penalties – in the millions of dollars – and even possible jail time. Small Business need to safeguard diverse data types such as structured and unstructured, online and offline – and do so across complex systems including cloud and big data environments.

We provide Small Business with an in-depth approach to avoiding security incidents and help Small Business be more prepared for disasters:

One way to interpret those findings is to assume that cyber criminals are explicitly targeting small businesses, but it’s more likely that SMBs simply present more vulnerabilities. After all, it’s giving most hackers too much credit to consider them sharpshooters. They tend to utilize opportunistic approaches and techniques that can be better described with terms like “spray and pray.” For smaller companies, it’s often simply a matter of being caught in the line of fire without adequate protection. Risk Cognizance help small business protect there systems.