ISO 27001: Consulting Services

ISO 27001 As-A-Service – Simplified Certification

 Risk Cognizance assist client in establishing and maintaining an internal information security management program that meets best practices and international standards. Our ISO 27001 consulting services help organizations plan, create, upgrade, and certify a robust and effective Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our team of experts bring extensive experience and deep information security process control expertise (including certifications as Exemplar Global Lead Auditor ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Lead Auditor) to ensure that you achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification on time and on budget.

With ISO 27001 certification, your organization stands out among competitors to attract new clients, while demonstrating to your current customers that you are dedicated to the ongoing security of their information and will effectively defend against penetration attempts. Our ISO 27001 consultants will work collaboratively with you throughout the entire certification process, from ISMS Scoping through on-site Certification Audit Support. Beyond that, we provide a variety of ongoing support services to our successfully certified clients, often participating in Information Security Risk Assessments and conducting Internal ISMS Audits, among others.

ISO 27001 Consultant Managed Services

Risk Cognizance provides assistance in the implementation of ISO 27001 framework. With a team of experienced information security professionals who are also ISO 27001 certified Lead Implementers and Auditors, we have an in depth understanding of the standard. Our implementation strategy is based on a phased approach:

  • Phase 1: Gap Analysis — Risk Cognizance security professionals will conduct an analysis of gaps in your current system against the requirements of ISO 27001 including a physical security review. The observations will be compiled into a report defining your level of compliance and will be used to consolidate the risk treatment plan for the compilation of the Control Implementation Strategy.

  • Phase 2: Risk Assessment — This is the most crucial phase of the implementation, wherein an asset register containing all the information assets of the organization is built. This involves meetings and discussions with the key stake holders of your organization. A comprehensive risk assessment is then conducted on the critical information assets, based on which appropriate controls to mitigate the identified risks are selected.

  • Phase 3: Risk Treatment — During this phase Risk Cognizance will formulate a strategy for the implementation of the controls selected in the previous phase. Also during this phase all the documentation pertaining to the ISMS will be developed. This will include the formulation of Information Security Policies & various procedures supporting the policies. The policies and procedures address the risks identified during the risk assessment phase.

  • Phase 4: Control Implementation — The implementation roadmap, which is the outcome of the previous phase will guide your organization’s team in the implementation of the identified controls. During this phase Risk Cognizance consultants will advise and guide the implementation team.

  • Phase 5: ISMS Readiness Review — This phase will review the readiness of the client to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Risk Cognizance will guide and prepare the client’s audit team to conduct internal audits. The audit results will be evaluated and gaps, if found will be closed by your implementation team with guidance from Risk Cognizance consultants.

  • Phase 6: Certification audit — Finally, you will face the certification body’s team of auditors. Risk Cognizance consultants will hand hold your team during the audit. We will assist you in the closure of any Non Conformities or observations noted by the external auditors and help you in achieving the ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Consulting Services

ISO 27001 Security consulting services includes ISMS implementation and ISO 27001 ready program of an organization through an well defined developed ISO 27001 phase approach  service.

About ISO 27001 Certification

The ISO 27001 standard outlines requirements for organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and improve an Information Security Management System. The ISO 27001 is currently the 4th largest of all ISO standards in terms of number of certificates issued.

While the ISO 27001 standard was one of the first standards to adopt the “Common Framework” which all ISO standards are moving toward or have moved already, it is the only standard which contains a list of Control Objectives and Controls under the so-called Annex A.  These 113 controls, organized into 14 clauses and security categories, are required and therefore exclusions have to be justified.

Conforming to the ISO 27001 standard and recommended controls from Annex A, can help organizations assess and treat information security risks, and most importantly prevent information security risks from materializing.

ISO 27001 Annex A – Control Objectives:

  1. Operations Security

  2. Communications Security

  3. Systems Acquisition, Development and Maintenance

  4. Supplier Relationships

  5. Information Security Incident Management

  6. Information Security Aspects of Business Continuity Management

  7. Compliance

  1. Information Security Policy

  2. Organization of Information Security

  3. Human Resource Security

  4. Asset Management

  5. Access Control

  6. Cryptography

  7. Physical and Environmental Security

  8. Risk Management

  9. Security Operation Center

We provide full end-to-end support and help, which enables organisations to obtain ISO27001:2013 Certification and have all the operational activities completed by us. A fully managed certification process is useful for companies who are looking to improve their security posture but do not necessarily want to recruit teams of people to start internal projects.