Managed IT Consulting Services

Transform your business with Managed IT Services & Cloud Consulting

Risk Cognizance IT consulting services safeguard your enterprise’s critical assets with enterprise cybersecurity solutions. We are technical consulting and IT services company, providing solutions for clients to manage digital risks. Get help implementing or managing technology from a team of experience Managed IT security engineers. Whether your business is looking for T support or a trustworthy managed services provider, our programs are designed to fit your business and meet your goals.

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Risk Cognizance your IT Consulting & Managed Service Provider

  • We monitor your IT systems remotely, scanning for errors or signs of potential network security threats.

  • Empower businesses by utilizing our industry-leading IT infrastructure and offering affordable and flexible support to end-users.

  • IT Backup and recovery tasks can be painfully time-consuming. We’ll ensure you recover quickly so you can get back to business.

  • Ensure your information technology can create a productive environment for your staff with proactive, advanced management software combined with 24/7 helpdesk support.

  • Help Desk Support Services, IT customer-care specialists, our help desk has been optimized to address your requests in an expedient manner.

  • IT support at a fixed monthly fees and unlimited support with our managed IT services.

  • Transform your business with Managed IT Services, Cloud Consulting, and Application Services.


Business IT Solutions and Services

We focus on bringing value and solving business challenges through the delivery of modern IT services and solutions. Our framework enables us to implement technology and operation solutions based on our client’s industry standards. Our clients vary from manufacturing and retail to pharmaceuticals and finance.

IT Security COnsulting

Keep your business secured with our protection from cyber attacks, virus protection and our email spam filtering to keep your network and data secured. We work together with you to understand what is critical to your business. Then, we develop a plan to give you a peace of mind with the solution you need.

24/7 On-Demand IT Support

Our dedicated IT Consulting team of experts are available 24/7 to remote your computer and fix any technical issues – on-demand IT support

Cloud Services

We offer a variety of cloud or hosted services – Backup solutions, E-mails, file management solutions, inventory, and remote & onsite cloud migrations.

IT consulting Leadership

IT Consulting Leadership, and Management Services that empower organizations to set the right foot forward. We can help in assessing your existing IT environment, identifying gaps, and suggesting an IT strategy that perfectly fits into your overall business strategy.

IT SUPPORT SERVICES - Our senior technicians can create an IT strategy that corrects your current issues and future-proofs your network environment to achieve long-term security and optimal performance.


Our senior technicians can create an IT strategy that corrects your current issues and future-proofs your network environment to achieve long-term security and optimal performance.

Effective Security Risk Management

Our cybersecurity consultants will work with you to:

  • Assess and protect with services that include security engineering and management, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security compliance

  • Support your deployment and enforcement of the NIST Risk Management Framework and NIST Cybersecurity Framework

  • Ensure compliance with the leading federal, defense, and industry security standards

  • Automate and enforce processes for IT security risk management and compliance

  • Continuously monitor and manage information security risks

  • Streamline mapping of assets, vulnerabilities, and controls to enable continuous compliance

Cyber gives you constant confidence in your cybersecurity posture. So you can manage risk while achieving your goals. Protect your most vital information assets. And assure your customers that it’s safe doing business with you.

Enhancing Cyber Security Solutions

Risk Cognizance is an international cybersecurity intelligence, digital forensics, and incident response firm. Risk Cognizance conducts digital forensic investigations, data breach incident response, web application security testing, digital risk assessments and academic research.

Risk Cognizance engages in the design, development, marketing, licensing, and support of information technology (IT) management software products that operate on a range of hardware platforms and operating systems. The company licenses its products principally to IT service providers, financial services companies, governmental agencies, retailers, manufacturers, educational institutions, and healthcare institutions worldwide through direct sales force, as well as indirectly through systems integrators, managed service providers, technology partners. 

Our Cyber Security Solutions Services

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