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advanced threat Management and Detection

Splunk SIEMs enable the use cases and have the capabilities listed below. Splunk software can handle these plus much more.

  • IT Services Real-time aggregation of security-relevant data
  • IT Services Ability to add context to security events
  • IT Services Incident investigations/forensics
  • IT Services Security reporting and visualizations
  • IT Services  Real-time correlations and alerting for threat detection
  • IT Services  Advanced/unknown threat detection
  • IT Services Compliance reporting

IT Services  ranges from simple agent-based solutions to our Log Management and Splunk SIEM Enterprise Appliances. These appliances offer extensive capabilities for additional correlation, reporting and ad-hoc analysis, both locally on the appliance and via services provided through our Security Operations Centers.

Splunk Development

Splunk has over 1,000 apps on Splunkbase, offering out-of-the-box functionality and integration with systems that act as data sources for Splunk. However, you have proprietary applications and you require custom Splunk apps developed that aid in the integration of Splunk with these home-grown systems. Or you are a software company and need an app or technical add-on developed that will allow your product to integrate with Splunk. Risk Cognizance’s Splunk consulting services include the development of Splunk apps and technical add-ons. 


  • On-site IT Services Professional Services
  • Remote IT Services Professional Services
  • Certified Splunk Consulting Services
  • IT Services Application Development Services
  • Expert IT Services Architecture Services
  • IT Services Installation & Administration Services
  • IT Services Managed Services
  • Staffing Services for IT Services 
  • IT Services License Optimization
  • IT Services Licensing Sales & Cost Savings

IT Services  Analysis

Risk Cognizance Managed Threat Detection Team provides 24/7 threat monitoring by analyzing network and user behavior, while you receive a alerts and reports of critical observations and actionable security intelligence

IT Services and Managed Splunk SIEM

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Risk/Security Assessments
  • Privacy
  • Cloud Security/DevSecOps
  • Incident Response
  • Forensics/Investigation
  • Managed Security Services
  • Threat Hunting
  • Pen Testing/Red Teaming
  • Breach Response 

IT Services Administration

Risk Cognizance Managed Threat Detection Team handles Splunk SIEM administration for you including: software updates, knowledge packs, system health checks, storage projections, and third-party integration performance checks.

IT Services  detection and response services:

Risk Cognizance Security can provide hybrid and managed Splunk SIEM services. These range from a turnkey cloud-based SIEM-as-a-Service up and running in days, to a fully architected and deployed on-premise, remotely managed and operated SIEM. We’ll provide the vendor-certified and trained SIEM engineers to ensure a successful implementation and develop advanced Splunk dashboards

Risk Cognizance is, quite simply, the most trusted consultancy in the Splunk universe. Splunk itself trusts CyberSecOP to architect and deliver Splunk solutions at the company’s largest, most demanding customers. From the world’s largest multi-petabyte migration into Splunk Cloud, to highly complex Splunk-based cybersecurity solutions at the world’s largest financial institutions, Risk Cognizance consultants have been trusted to make it happen, on time and under budget. That’s because Risk Cognizance consultants are simply the best in the business; they are highly experienced; they are highly trained; they deliver based on Risk Cognizance’s proven delivery methodology; and they have access the best resources. Need a referral? Our client list includes over four hundred of the world’s most successful companies. Request a Splunk Consulation below. 

Splunk Development

Every consultant we employ has achieved the coveted SCC II certification, in addition to other certifications such as Splunk Architect, Splunk Admin, Splunk Power User, and certified Sales Engineers. Risk Cognizance Security engineers can satisfy a variety of Security, IT Ops, and other use cases well suited for the Splunk platform.

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