Infrastructure Security Services

Risk Cognizance Infrastructure Security Services: Critical infrastructure utilities, emergency services, defense systems, and transportation systems make up the backbone of a nation’s economy, security and health. Keeping critical infrastructure strong, secure and resilient is imperative so that essential services are not disrupted or destroyed. Leveraging proprietary machine learning, our Industrial Control Systems team offers the solutions to secure these environments quickly and to maintain security through prevention.

Risk Cognizance is a comprehensive, full-service IT security services provider that architects and implements solutions for the enterprise data center. We specialize in cloud consulting, including public and private cloud, application deployment, and cloud storage; network and data security solutions, including threat assessment, next-gen firewall, application security, and access policy; and infrastructure solutions, including servers, storage, networking, and IT lifecycle management.

Network and Infrastructure Security

Protecting your network perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult and costly, as intruders find new ways to get around your defenses.  Risk Cognizance can help you stay ahead of evolving threats to your infrastructure while also helping to maximize budget, fulfill support needs and scale based on your network and infrastructure growth and business needs. We can also reduce cost of defending your infrastructure assets and websites with efficient opex-based pricing models and helps you ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA and other regulations.

We provide Business with an in-depth approach to avoiding security incidents and help Business be more prepared for disasters:

Cybersecurity Solutions over 34 years of experience in corporate security management and consulting services.

Cyber Security Operations (Risk Cognizance) is a top-rated worldwide security consulting company, helping global corporations with executive and employee security consulting, cyber security, and consulting on topics such as international threat assessment and supply chain security. you can find a lot of information on our website about security assessment, risk management and cybersecurity services.