IT Risk Management Audit/Assurance Program

Specialists in Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy Consulting and Resourcing

Risk Cognizance provide senior management with an understanding and assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT risk management process, supporting framework and policies and assurance that IT risk management is aligned with the enterprise risk management process.

Our technical consulting and services company, providing solutions for clients to manage digital risks. The company specializes in digital forensics, mobile device and cell phone forensics, electronic discovery, data breach response, online fraud and abuse incident response, and commercial investigations. The company identifies, preserves, culls, and analyzes data to turn information into intelligence for its clients to manage digital risks.

We don’t just stop at security we provide information technology (IT) infrastructure services for financial services, aerospace and defense, higher education, government, healthcare and other enterprises. The company engages in the design, development, implementation, support, and management of identity management and security solutions. It also offers lifecycle project services, including project implementation, ongoing maintenance, and managed security services, as well as assesses and design business needs and IDM infrastructure.

Enhancing Information Security Risk Management Programs

Risk Cognizance assessment and testing IT systems for vulnerabilities is a vital practice in Information Security Management to safeguard against cyber crimes and attacks.

Failure to manage Information security in the networks, improper configuration of technology assets, excessive trust or privileges and insufficient monitoring activities are the main cause that reduces trust and credibility with your customers in the modern inter-connected world. Success of an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) requires a robust network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing (VAPT) program. These programs must be technically updated, must have defined risk management processes and must be cost effective.

Information Security Risk Management Programs with Risk Cognizance

Risk Cognizance is in the top 50 cybersecurity solutions specifically for healthcare industry. The company performs assessments, penetration testing, managed services, architecture and strategy reviews, training and more with clients. Risk Cognizance works with organizations across healthcare, including, but not limited to – hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, insurers, independent service providers, ISVs, medical device manufacturers, consultancies, patient health companies, drug developers and biotech.

The company specializes in identifying, remediating and monitoring risk across enterprise. Risk Cognizance addresses each client’s issue with a unique team tailored to the solution.

Risk Cognizance has products and solutions in area of Information Rights Management (IRM). IRM protects information by defining usage rights on information.

Our VISO Program offers security and operational policy for Industrial Controls systems in Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing. The Risk Cognizance IT/OT Gateway protects substation and power generation equipment at Utilities and production environments at Oil & Gas facilities. Risk Cognizance helps Smart Cities consume resources more efficiently and helps protect Homeland Security’s 16 Critical Infrastructure sectors.

CyberSecOP helping to protect and defend our nation, supporting US government agencies in the defense, security, and civil sectors, as well as to corporations, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. The company provides a range of services in strategy, operations, organization and change, information technology, systems engineering, and program management. Its services include acquisition and program management services, assurance and resilience, cyber consulting, economic and business analysis, information technology consulting, intelligence and operations analysis, modeling and simulation, organization and strategy, scientific innovation, supply chain and logistics management, and systems integration and management.

 We are a global leader in security and privacy software focusing on sensitive data discovery and protection. They help organizations prevent data leakage by finding and protecting confidential information stored within files, e-mails, desktops, servers, databases, and websites. Beyond discovery, Identity Finder helps securely shred or encrypt information.


Our Information Security Risk Management Program Services

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