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Why are businesses and firms behind on this issue?

Cybersecurity challenges demand for businesses, firms, and legal entities to First, put protection in place to protect critical data and citizen information, this is a requirement to protect the firm reputation and assess.  Second, even the best programs will experience failure and expose some information the firm would like to protect.  Risk Cognizance  we are legal firm cyber security task force.

“Businesses, firms, or legal entities have a duty to effectively protect their clients’ information. If a businesses, firms, or legal entities is negligent in carrying out that duty because it has been lax with its security, and that resulted in client files being disclosed, it is potentially a problem.” Even if a businesses, firms, or legal entities has a very good security system.

As entities, businesses, firms, or legal entities systems contain highly-sensitive financial data, corporate strategies, trade secrets, business transaction information and plenty of both PIIA and PHI. Unfortunately, many businesses, firms, or legal entities lack a complete, effective, privacy and security program. According to an ALM Legal Intelligence study, 22% of law firms did not have an organized plan in place to prepare for or respond to a data breach. Only 50% of law firms included in the study have cyber security teams in place to handle and implement the types of complex programs and initiatives necessary to deal with a data breach.

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Why are businesses, firms, or legal entities behind on this issue? The problem is money. Each person quoted in this article mentioned cost as a major factor for why businesses, firms, or legal entities are lagging in preparing for cyberattacks. To have an effective cyber risk program requires, at minimum, up-to-date software, which for any size law firm can be very expensive.

As businesses, firms, or legal entities wade into cybersecurity practice, the glaring reality is that most businesses, firms, or legal entities aren’t prepared for a major breach. According to the 2016 ABA technology survey, only 17.1 percent of all law firms had an incident response plan in place to address a security breach, and only 50 percent of firms of 500 lawyers or more had such a plan in place.

We understand, we have been working with businesses, firms, or legal entities for over 12 years, securing and protecting their businesses, firms, or legal entities data.  we are your security firm and cybersecurity task force.  

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