Security Program Management | IT Security Program 

Risk Cognizance Security Program Management, IT Security Program takes your business security, and the safety for your business data, we protect it as we protect our owe business data. user ISO and NIST framework.

As digital business evolves to include ecosystems and the open digital world, cybersecurity needs to evolve from a back-office “IT” problem to an enterprise wide business consideration, this is where we can help, by developing a Security Program or a Cyber Security Program.

Benefit of Risk Cognizance Security Program Management

At Risk Cognizance, we provide enterprise level managed security services in every aspect of enterprise security matters, including:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Program
    The acceleration toward digital business has presented CISOs with new challenges. CISOs must understand business goals, quickly identify and assess associated risks, and communicate relevant risks to the business in business terms. Join us for the CISO Program and become a recognized business leader, superstar communicator and facilitator, and problem solver.

  • Security Trends and Capabilities Program
    Get practical methods and longer-term strategies to build a more trusted and resilient environment for digital business, and to support a more-agile-than-ever IT organization. As new business practices change the threat landscape, security programs must evolve without neglecting legacy infrastructure. Learn how to support the new and improve the old.

  • Technical Insights: Security Architecture Program
    Demands on information security and IT risk practitioners are increasing. The Technical Insights program focuses on the technical and tactical insights that enable risk-aware, business-outcome-focused architectures and solutions in rapidly changing IT and business environments.

  • Risk and Business Resilience Program
    Digital risks are expanding as more data sources and technologies are woven into the fabric of the business. Learn about the risks and complexities that you should expect in transitioning to digital business. Anticipate the unexpected and work to establish a disciplined approach of proactive risk management and recovery planning to support business resilience.

  • Security Program Partnership

    Defines differentiated, compelling enterprise security products, services and customer interactions.

In addition to IT security consulting, and managed security services, our offerings include best-of-breed solutions for securing cloud computing, designing and implementing effective enterprise security architecture, mitigating advanced threats, securing the Internet of Things, managing identity and delivering security intelligence.

Our enterprise security consulting and managed security services supporting organizations in all vertical markets and protecting their sensitive data.

Enterprise Security Program Framework Development:

OWASP Top-Ten Program, ISO 27000 Program, and NIST Program serve as a governing foundation for everything we do along with usage of enterprise security tools giving your business the Risk Cognizance advantage: While executing, we differ from all other security organizations through the strict adherence to Our Core Principles.