Managed Cyber Security Firm & IT Security Services

Why are businesses and firms behind on this issue?

Cybersecurity challenges demand for businesses, firms, and legal entities to First, put protection in place to protect critical data and citizen information, this is a requirement to protect the firm reputation and assess.  Second, even the best programs will experience failure and expose some information the firm would like to protect.  Risk Cognizance  we are legal firm cyber security task force.

Managed Security Services provide a full complement of threat prevention, threat management, incident response and analysis services to support your hosted or on-premise enterprise security environments. As a Managed Security service provider, we offer 24/7 monitoring, management, and support across our security service offering, and provide you with persistent visibility into your service information through a highly automated online self-service portal.

Risk Cognizance Your all in one Cyber Security Firm Services


  • Financial Services

  • Architecture

  • Construction

  • Distribution

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Materials

  • Professional Services

  • Property Management

  • Small & Medium Businesses

  • Consumer & Industrial Products

  • Energy & Resources

  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • All Industries and sectors

Managed Services

Enterprises are looking to implement additional security measures to shore up their defenses in a world where cyberattacks just keep coming. To address this need, Risk Cognizance taking the burden off an enterprise’s security staff. Risk Cognizance’s managed security services offering, Unified Security Services, features a pre-configured set of services that are monitored and managed by Risk Cognizance. The service is designed to protect the network edge where IP data comes in and flows out of the organization.